Meet the Pawrents: Paul!


What’s your hometown? Birmingham, United Kingdom

Occupation? Entrepreneur

How long have you lived in Spain? 3.5 Years

Favorite Movie? Scarface, Father of the Bride, Me myself and Irene.

Favorite television show: A Place in the Sun, where English couples sell up and move to their dream life in the

Favorite actress/actor: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks,

Hobby: Photography, Jogging and keeping fit.

What was your first pet? Bella
Have you met any Dogpawfile members? 3 Hell’s Bells, Kids from the Valley, Austin

If you could meet anyone from Dogpawfile, who would it be? We couldn’t possibly answer that, we would be accused of having favorite’s lol but there are a number of members that we would love to meet!

Do you have a personal motto? Where there is no risk of failure there is no risk of success. and Live every day as though it was your last.

What are you reading these days? Dads reading How to learn Spanish for the hundredth time and Mom reads Martina Cole and Danielle Steele books.


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