Did You Know…Holiday Foods Can Be Dangerous for your Pet?

While you and your loved ones are enjoying your holiday feasts this season, please be mindful of the health of your furry loved ones. Though the soulful eyes of a begging pup are hard to resist, there are certain things on our holiday menus that are especially dangerous for your pets.

Though most dogs enjoy chewing a good bone, bones are not always as safe as you think. Poultry bones should not be given to dogs, nor should cooked bones, as both can splinter and cause intestinal trauma. Raw bones can contain bacteria and parasites that can be transferred to your pet. So remember, the bones of the turkey or the roast chicken may make great leftover soup, but not great fare for a pup’s healthy feast.

Dogs may like to literally chew the fat, but the fatty trimmings from ham or roast, as well as turkey skins, bread dough, nuts, or fatty gravy, are not healthy choices for dogs, and can lead to pancreatitis or gastroenteritis.

While you are cooking up a fancy stew, or baking crescent cookies, remember that onions and raisins can destroy pets’ red blood cells. Raisins have caused renal failure in dogs.

Of course, while we toast the holidays, even a small amount of alcohol is dangerous for an animal, and can lead to gastrointestinal distress, central nervous system depression, tumors, and respiratory failure.

Keep an eye on expiration dates of all foods served during the holidays; spoiled or moldy foods, when ingested by pets, can cause gastrointestinal irritation, food poisoning, tremors, seizures, and death. Yeast used in baking, when ingested by dogs or cats, will rise within the intestinal tract and cause an obstruction. Yeast’s ability to produce alcohol as it rises doubles the danger to pets.

During the holidays, the best thing you can give your pet is a heaping helping of healthy foods…and love.


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