Fetch this Book! Dog Gone Christmas

Who doesn’t enjoy a cozy little murder mystery? I grant you there are some, but Dog Gone Christmas penned by Terry I. Miles, will charm even they. Set in my favorite local seaside town, Bay St. Louis, this little book of the cozy murder genre is charmingly written by a local writer whom I had the privilege of meeting. This book stars a local celebrity of Chow/Sheppard bloodlines named Maggie May, who could very well tell her own story ~A true story. Maggie May had been turned out into the street by her 89 year old human guardian, bearing a note lovingly and sorrowfully pinned to her collar. The note explained that the elder woman was dying, going to an old folks home, and that she was not about to give her dog to the SPCA; it told of Maggie’s favorite foods and when her birthday was. A couple walking their dog met Maggie May wandering the streets, they took her home and into their hearts. They named their little art and gift shop after her. I don’t know how the couple’s other dog felt about all the attention bestowed upon Maggie May, but the couple asked Ms. Miles to write a Christmas story featuring Maggie May ~and so she did. At her book signing she gifted small silver-framed photos of Maggie May to those who bought her book. Of course, I was immediately smitten. You see, though I’m a reader of most anything with a cover, a spine and words on paper therein my favorites are the little cozy mysteries; and then if you add a dog or a cat you have me hooked.

The action in Dog Gone Christmas begins against a backdrop of a body found years ago on the beach, a murdered funeral director and another man beaten so that he’d never walk again. As this happened some years ago the town has gone on with its business while Bea Winslow, a private investigator is still working the case. Her Aunt Jewels who is to attend a lecture on saving the beach goes into town, waiting for the lecture to begin she browses the gift shop called Maggie May. ~It is there Aunt Jewels and The Dog, Maggie May, are kidnapped ~their lives are in danger, and even national security is at risk.

Bea and the town’s sheriff work fast to find her Aunt Jewels and Maggie May as they gather all the strands of this cozy mystery just in time to make a lovely bow for Christmas.



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