Just How Nutritious Is Your Dog’s Food?

According to the December issue of The Whole Dog Journal, dry dog food is not the healthiest choice for your pet.

“If you want to provide the very best, most natural diet possible for your dog,” The Whole Dog Journal states. “You’d feed a well-researched, home prepared diet comprised of fresh foods. Or, next best, a well-formulated, commercially made frozen raw or dehydrated diet. Next best would be a top-quality wet food.” Despite its convenience, kibble is the least natural choice for the dog.

When purchasing healthy commercial dog foods, the ingredients label should include animal protein at the top of the list, whole vegetables, fruits, and grains, and organic ingredients. A healthy dog food should not contain meat by-products or poultry by-products, added sweeteners, artificial preservatives, such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin, or artificial colors.

The Whole Dog Journal has released its list of approved dog food kibble manufacturers:

Addiction Foods
Artemis Pet Foods
Back to Basics
Bench & Field Pet Foods
Breeder’s Choice
By Nature
Burns Pet Nutrition
Canidae Corp
Canaine Caviar Pet Foods
Castor & Pollux Pet Works
Della Natura Commodities
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance
Diamond Pet Products
Dogswell, LLC
Drs. Foster & Smith
Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food
Fromm Family Foods
KLN Enterprises/Tuffy’s Pet Foods
Life 4K9 Pet Food Corp.
Lincoln Biotech
Merrick Pet Care
Natura Pet Products
Nature’s Variety
Perfect Health Diet Products
Pet Chef Express
Petcurean Pet Nutrition
Peton Distributors
Precise Pet Products
Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
Taplow Feeds
Verus Pet Foods

The list of foods that The Whole Dog Journal “would pass on” is:

Beneful Original
Cycle Adult Dog Food
Dad’s Econ-O-Mets
Diamond Original Formula
The Goodlife Recipe with beef, brown rice, and vegetables
Gravy Train
Iams ProActive Health Adult Lamb Meal and Rice Formula
Kibbles & Bits HomeStyle Chicken & Vegetable
Max Adult
Natural Choice Adult Lamb & Rice
Nutra Nuggets Adult Maintenance
Ol’ Roy (made for Walmart)
Pedigree Complete Nutrition for Adult Dogs
Purina Dog Chow Complete Nutrition Formula
Purina One Total Nutrition Lamb & Rice
Science Diet Adult Lamb & Rice
Science Diet’s Nature’s Best Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner – Adult

Next week, we will present the list of approved and rejected wet dog foods.

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3 responses to “Just How Nutritious Is Your Dog’s Food?



  2. We are all on dried foods, we have less tummy upsets!

  3. Liberty and Justice

    Mom has been trying to find a whole food kibble for me but it has been a chore as oatmeal and brown rice or barley don’t sit well with me…but mom found one she is going to try that has ground rice…and she can buy it right on her way home from work! all thanks to this article!

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