In honor of his January 6th birthday, Dogpawfile Magazine is rerunning its Pawfile Pawtraits profile of Skye Blu! Happy Birthday, Skye!



Skye Blu
Gulfport, Mississippi
Owner: Lynn

At times, certain “pieces” of life seem to fall easily into place, and we wonder if a Higher Power guides us along. We learn that, perhaps, there are no coincidences; certain things are just meant to be. Certain pups are destined to be with certain “parents.” Lynn, Twinkle Starr’s “Mom,” knows this first-hand.

Seven months after Twinkle came into Lynn’s life, she and her husband decided to adopt “another fur baby,” specifically a Yorkshire Terrier. The day after the decision was made, the couple coincidentally (or not) met someone who off-handedly mentioned her husband bred Yorkies. A meeting was arranged; Destiny stepped in, and Lynn found Skye “waiting, just for me,” she said.

“We were greeted into a hurricane battered and humble home by a sea of Yorkies,” Lynn explained. “Imagine thirty pair of bright intelligent eyes, thirty pair of attentive ears with thirty noses, thirty souls of pure love.”

One pup stood out amongst the others.

“He absolutely beamed at me,” Lynn said. “I felt a physical pull, a visceral binding to my little guy.”

Lynn sat on the floor while several Yorkies sniffed around her. Only one crawled into her lap.

“He was the one,” Lynn said. “He chose me. What could be more special than that? If Twinkle is a God-wink, then Skye is a nod.”

Lynn and her husband wanted their new “baby’s” name to compliment Twinkle’s. After dismissing the name “Glitter” as too “girly,” they picked “Skye,” a natural choice to go with “Twinkle.” Additionally, “Skye” was the name of an island off the coast of Scotland, and close to Yorkshire, England. It made “crazy sense” to Lynn, who has since discovered that “Skye” is a girl’s name.

No matter! After Twinkle learned to share her toys with Skye, and he became acquainted with Mewsey, the only cat he has ever known, Skye settled into his new home with ease. Months went by; Skye surpassed his vet’s expectations and grew into a “larger” Yorkie, weighing in at a healthy twelve pounds, twice Twinkle’s size.

In the household, Skye is most attached to his “Mommy.”

“Skye is my constant,” She said. “But he truly loves his Daddy as well.”

Born on January 6th, 2008, Skye is a pet lover’s dream. According to Lynn, each morning is like Christmas to him. He happily greets each day with enthusiasm at 5:30, when his “Daddy” kisses him goodbye and heads to the office. Skye then joins Twinkle and Mewsey for morning cereal, followed by a potty run, and a “rousing game of ball” with his favorite soccer ball.

“He is very sporty when it comes to his soccer ball,” Lynn described. “He tosses it around, kicks it with his feet, shoves it under the furniture to get me to retrieve it over and over.”

Twink and Skye rough-house among themselves later in the morning before enjoying a nap. Skye enjoys having his hair brushed, and likes to wear clothes.

“Skye is always first in line,” Lynn said. “He enjoys being combed and washed up. Skye and Twinkle follow me as I go about my daily doings. Skye is particularly interested in whatever happens in the kitchen.”

Skye eats supper with his sister at 3:00 each afternoon, and then waits with her for “Daddy” to come home. “Daddy’s” arrival is met with an “enthusiastic Yorkie welcome.”

Skye adores his sister, Twinkle, and detests being apart from her. He also doesn’t like his “Mommy” to spend too much time on the computer, and whines and paws at her until she refocuses her attention on him.

When Skye was younger, he had a fear of boxes and deliveries. Things have changed…

“Now he expects every parcel and bag entering our home to contain something just for him!” Lynn said.

Lynn describes Skye’s personality in one word: “loving.”

“Every time he looks at me,” She said. “I see the love in his eyes. Skye is our little boy. I love him with a mother’s love as though I bore him into this world. Skye is a joyful soul, a vulnerable child with a loving and giving heart. He is truly a nod from God, affirming that the more one loves, the more love there is to give.”

And isn’t that what life’s “coincidences” are all about?


3 responses to “SKYE BLU!

  1. Liberty and Justice

    Skye is so loved and loving as it should be with all!

  2. Harbor & Jodie

    A pawfect match of parent and pup!

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