Twinkle Effect

Mama-made Cookies

Cookie sheets are a ’jugglin’, oven gettin’ hot;
wheat flour peanut buttah stirrin’ in the pot
mama is a’mixin’ what our noses are a’sniffin’,
me and Skye in the kitchen happy for what’s about,
with tails a’waggin, paws a’dancin’, mama’s hummin’
to the tune of mixin’, rollin’ and shapin’;
barking out loud the goodness makes us want to shout;
thinkin’ with our noses, the kitchen is our favorite place to hangout
awaitin’ mama-made cookies, warm in our mouths
crisp to crunch, tasting slightly of our mama who loves us very much
~these, are the best cookies in all the dog gone south.

Twinkle and Skye have their eyes on the freshly baked cookies!


3 responses to “Twinkle Effect

  1. Thanks for the recipe, you are the best!! xoxoxo

  2. Liberty and Justice

    Love it!

  3. Harbor & Jodie

    BOL! We give this poem two paws up!

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