Editor’s Note: February 1, 2010

Welcome to the “new” Dogpawfile Magazine! We have a new look, and we’re planning some new, exciting features! Dogpawfile Magazine will now appear twice monthly, on the first and fourteenth of each month. Each issue will include a feature article, usually penned by yours truly, as well as selections from your favorites: The Twinkle Effect, Fetch This Book, Millie’s Menu, Fiction by Marjorie, Ask Doctor Chopper, and The Peco’s Point of View. As always, submissions from Dogpawfile members and suggestions for feature articles are welcome (please email tinygirl@aol.com). This month, our special feature profiles Tiffany Brooks Designs, a fashion house owned and operated by Dogpawfile’s very own Tiffany Designer Pups! In the market for a new outfit for yourself or your pup, then you’ll be interested in learning more! And who better to help us launch our “new” magazine than PecoDee and Twinkle Starr? Peco is spilling more secrets, and Twinkle is having a little fun in the kitchen!

Enjoy the magazine! Comments and suggestions are welcome, and as always, if you enjoyed a particular selection, please take the time to let its author know.


3 responses to “Editor’s Note: February 1, 2010

  1. We love the new look and the new style of article’s! Well done Tiny and Annie! xoxoxo

  2. The Maltey Crew

    You forgot us! You asked us to come back! Remember?

  3. Liberty and Justice

    Congrats on the new look and Style!

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