Tiffany Brooks Designs: Couture for You and Your Pup!

We’ve all been there…shopping for just the right outfit, and coming home empty-handed. What are we to do when we know exactly what we want…the style, the color, the fabric…and we can’t find it anywhere? The same frustration extends to shopping for our pets; off-the-rack sizes are not necessarily correct for all dogs. Exactly how small is an “extra small?” Is a pit bull a large or an extra large? Whether you are shopping for yourself or your pet, for most of us, the cost of a custom-made garment is out of the question…that is, unless you are familiar with Tiffany Brooks Designs.

Tiffany Brooks Designs is owned and operated by Jeanna, “Mom” to Tiffany’s Designer Pups! Founded in 2003, Tiffany Brooks Designs, an on-line company located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is committed to “providing quality clothing, home decor, and accessories at very reasonable prices” for domestic and international customers, and specializes in “custom made clothing and accessories for the whole family, including your pets.” Tiffany Brooks Designs omits the middle man; all orders are placed and filled directly with Jeanna, who creates and ships all garments. Jeanna has been sewing for over twenty years.

“Since 1989, when I was in the sixth grade,” Jeanna explained. “I hand sewed a baby doll dress, and I still have that same dress today!”

Though she received formal training, Jeanna’s fashion abilities developed naturally. In high school, her talent was well known; she sewed things for the principals! In 2003, she began selling her custom made clothing on Ebay, and launched her own website to accommodate her growing customer base, which includes pet owners.

Surprisingly, the sluggish economy’s hold on our purse strings does not extend to our pets. A recent Associated Press poll revealed that 52 percent of pet owners planned to purchase a holiday gift for their furry one in 2009, up from 43 percent in 2008. According to the poll, six in ten dog owners put their pups on their Christmas shopping list, and searched for plush toys, rawhide chews, little doggy Santa suits, and Mrs. Claus dresses. They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they simply browsed the one of a kind clothing, accessories, and doggy beds available at

“I love making anything and everything,” Jeanna said. “But if I had to choose (a specialty), I’d say doggy clothes. They are so fun to make…many different styles and colors make it so fun! I made my first doggy outfit in 2004. I didn’t even have a dog small enough to fit at the time, but I knew one day, I would!”

True to her word, Jeanna now owns three dogs: two yorkie mixes, Felicity Amira and Tiffany Paige, and one cocker spaniel mix, Sweetie Girl. Jeanna joined Dogpawfile at the urging of her mother, owner of Moore Boxers.

“My mother couldn’t stop talking about it, so I just had to check it out. Now I love it!” Jeanna said.

Felicity of Tiffany's Designer Pups models one of Jeanna's designs.

Jeanna’s designs, however, are not limited to puppy couture; she creates fashion for men, women, children, and the home, and works closely with the client to meet the client’s needs in designing a customized, unique garment. There is no assembly line manufacturing at Tiffany Brooks Designs. By omitting the middle man, Jeanna offers old-fashioned, personalized service and quality craftsmanship. She personally receives and fills all orders.

“I do make everything I sell,” She said. “I have no staff at all. The customer deals with me on everything. I search through all available patterns and all the out of print patterns I have (when an order is placed). Then I send the client pictures of all the close matches and then I explain how many of the patterns can be used to make something very similar to what they are looking for.”

Her family (and her pups) definitely benefit from her design expertise.

“My website features a flower girl dress my daughter wore last year,” Jeanna said. “My sister in- law sent me a picture of her wedding dress, and she wanted the flower girl dress to match it. Many things about it I just did as I went along. And in the end, it turned out way better than I could have imagined!”

When placing an order with Tiffany Brooks Designs, accurate measurements are important, Jeanna says, and turn-around time is “usually up to two weeks.” All orders are shipped priority mail, and discounts are offered to repeat customers.

Whatever your heart’s desire…a beautiful dress for your pup…a doggy tuxedo…a unique doggy bed…a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume for your furry one (Jeanna created the cutest monk costume, complete with cross and hood, for a client), Tiffany Brooks Designs can make your wish come true. For more information, and to view Tiffany’s designs, log onto Happy shopping! ~ Anne Mikolay
For the month of February, 2010, Jeanna has generously offered a 10% discount to Dogpawfile members! Thank you, Jeanna!

Felicity's holiday dress is a Tiffany Brooks Designs original.

Want a frilly frock for your pup? Tiffany Brooks Designs is offering a February special for orders from Dogpawfile members: 10% off!!

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  1. Beautiful clothes and a discount for all Dogpawfilers, how cool is that!!!

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    Another Great Talent!

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