Editor’s Note: February 14, 2010

Have you ever looked into the eyes of your pet, and swore you knew what he or she was thinking? Have you ever shared a tender moment with your pet, made a special connection that defied explanation? Have you ever longed for the comfort of knowing that the animals you loved and lost still exist, are happy, whole, and able to feel your love for them? If you have, then you will understand animal communication. Dogpawfile Magazine is happy to introduce you to animal communicator, Erin Renee.

Erin, a resident of Nevada, is a mother of five children. She is also a dog trainer, and a horse trainer. Currently, she is working with “Juju,” a horse that came out of a feed lot for slaughter. Erin has “Juju” running barrel patterns and going on trail rides, and describes “Juju” as a “sweet girl.”

“The more animals that are tame and broke to ride, the better chances of them going to good homes, instead of ending up at the sale,” Erin explained. “We have a pretty awful situation with our Mustangs here in Nevada. So I try to help where I can. I also volunteer when I can, with starting young Mustangs as well.”

Erin’s empathy for animals opened the world of animal communication to her. In this week’s Dogpawfile Magazine special feature, Erin explains the psychic connection she has discovered between humans and animals. She has also generously volunteered to give a one question reading for a Dogpawfile member (see the article’s end for further information).

We have not forgotten it’s Valentine’s Day, of course! Also in this issue, The Twinkle Effect shares with us a very special Valentine, and Millie LaRue shares her recipes for the perfect Valentine dinner for your pup!


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