The Twinkle Effect

Valentine Hearts

On a soft, starry night Cupid, aimed his magic bow,
launching one golden arrow into destined flight.
It circled Lover’s Moon, coursing spaceward toward
a distant star, where I waited glimmering afar.

Cupid’s arrowed chariot carried me away
towards the heart he knew needed me that day.
He met his mark; and I, a burning spark,
warmed my way within that broken heart.

Among the shatters and the shards, I circled, nestling in
as the arrow spun golden threads to mend
this suffering heart now cradling me so dear,
is where I’ll stay forever and a year,
for I, a starry twinkle, my love-lights forged a lifeline,
two hearts now entwine, we are the other’s Valentine.
~Written by Twinkle Starr for her Mother

Twinkle Starr and her Mom


One response to “The Twinkle Effect

  1. Harbor & Jodie

    Lovely, that Cupid is a smart fella!

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