Mr. Khan, The Gentle Giant


He’s the Alpha dog. The gentle giant. The one we know and love as “Mr. Khan,” the “king” of Dogpawfile. He is six years old, and lives with his “Daddy,” Paul, in Spain. His is a good life, complete with toys, a special place to sleep, and a family that loves him. But things weren’t always as such for Mr. Khan. At one time, he slept outside in all types of weather, ate poorly, and lived without love. The gentle giant came dangerously close to being put down.

“Before we purchased the house that we live in now,” Paul explained. “We rented a big, old farmhouse nearby. There were two big guard dogs, Khan, and his dad, called Blue. To be honest, I thought together they looked scary, and I was afraid that if they got out, they would do some damage to our dogs, Brad, Bella, and Ellie. The owners were opening a business in the hills, so they took Blue with them. Khan was left on his own and was very friendly. I also noticed he was a great looking dog. So we introduced him one by one to our other dogs, and he was brilliant. He was so submissive, and would always sit at the furthest point of a room or garden, and each day, he would get closer and closer until he was right by my side. Brad was a dominant dog, but Khan handled him brilliantly. We noticed that they left him outside in all weathers. It did not matter if it was 100 degrees or thunder storming. And he is so afraid of storms. Then we noticed that he was getting thinner, and thinner! We looked, and his food had been changed to the cheapest possible brand, and he stopped eating anything! So we used to bring him into the house, and he would sleep with us, and we started feeding him.”

When Khan’s owners announced they were moving, and did not want to bring Khan with them, they asked Paul if he knew anyone who would be interested in taking the German Shepherd. If they could not find a suitable home, they said, they planned to put the dog down. Unbeknownst to them, Khan had already found a home on his own. He had already made his choice. He chose a life with Paul. Paul and his family were happy to have him.

When Paul and Jo adopted Khan, they did not change his name.

“When we had family visitors, the girls and ladies called him “Sexy,” which I thought was a little strange,” Paul said. “Then they called him “Sexy Mr. Khan,” and it made everyone laugh, so before long, everyone called him Mr. Khan, and we do, too.”

Mr. Khan settled into his new, permanent home without trouble. He instinctively knew how to show Brad, the biggest canine family member before Khan’s arrival, that he was not a threat. They developed a mutual respect. According to Paul, Khan loves Bella “to bits, and follows her everywhere.” Khan also respects Ellie’s space, and “won’t mess” with her. He loves Jo, his “Mom,” but is most attached, of course, to “Daddy” Paul.

Now a healthy six year old, Mr. Khan happily jogs three to four miles a day with Paul. He spends his morning under Paul’s desk, and around 2:00 pm, enjoys playtime in the yard with Paul, and the other dogs. Khan eats dinner around 4:00, then relaxes until bedtime, when he has a snack, and then settles down to sleep for the night beneath Paul’s desk.

Perhaps Fate brought Paul and Mr. Khan together. After-all, they do share the same birthday, December 2nd. Paul described Mr. Khan as “loyal.”

“He is a one man/owner dog!” Paul commented. “And he is so kind, and loving to everyone in his family. He has a strong guarding instinct, but rarely does he do anything wrong in our eyes! We are best pals in every sense of the word. He follows me everywhere – even to the bathroom!”

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