Editor’s Note: March 14th, 2010

Greetings, all! Our issue this week is dedicated to pet pampering! We’ve got new products to help your pet feel safe and secure, and hints for making your pet feel pretty!

This week, Dogpawfile Magazine welcomes a new writer to its staff: Harbor! Harbor is an avid shopper, and likes to sniff out new, helpful products. Thus, she has decided to share her expertise with us in her monthly column, Harbor’s Shopping Network. Nice to have you with us, Harbor!

Speaking of expertise, Miss Millie LaRue’s fashion flair is legendary on Dogpawfile. This week, Millie shares with us her secret to the perfect doggy bows: http://www.perfectdogbows.com. This is where Millie finds her bows, and where Millie’s Mom learned to tie the perfect knot. Perfectdogbows.com’s directions for fashionable bows come to us via Millie. If you visit the site, tell them Millie, and Dogpawfile, sent you! Thanks, Millie!

See you next month! Spring is in the air! Next month, we hope to spread a little bit of sunshine, and maybe peek at what the Peco has been up to! ~ Anne Mikolay


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