Miss Millie La’Rue’s Fashion Tips! Top Knot Guide!

Fashionista Millie LaRue

Top Knot Guide, From http://www.perfectdogbows.com:
Having troubles with bow placement? I have provided an easy guide to help you properly place bows in your fur babies’ hair. I hope you find this information to be helpful.

Tip: Do not use the bands on the back of the bows to make your top knot, I will send you FREE bands with your bow purchase for this purpose, or you can purchase them from my site.
Use only ONE band on the back of the bow for bow placement, the other band is provided as a back up should one of them break.

Step 1:

Part the top knot hair into two sections from front to back.

Step 2:

Place a grooming band (provided with your bow purchase) on the FRONT section of hair and securely wrap it several times around the hair.

Tip: Additional latex bands can be purchased on our website!

Step 3:

Now, place your dog bow (using only ONE of the bands on the bow) to the front section of hair and securely wrap several times. You now should have your bow placed onto the front section of hair and the back section should not have anything done to it at this point.

Tip: Be careful not to wrap the band of the bow more than two times around the hair as it may be hard to remove later.

Use only one band on the bow, the other is for future use should one break.

Step 4: (Final Step)

Bring the BACK section of hair forward to meet the front section of hair. Wrap another band around all the hair directly above the bow. At this point, your bow will be sandwiched between the FRONT and BACK sections of hair, this will help keep your bow placed properly.

Tip: You can also use these same steps for bows that have barrettes attached to them.

Step 1: (Removal of Bow)

To easily remove your top knot and bow, use a small pair of scissors and carefully clip the bands used to hold the hair in place. DO NOT cut the bands on the back of the bow!

Carefully, remove your bow once the band has been clipped.

Step 2: (Removal of Bow)

Once you have removed the bow, you can then clip the band you used to hold the front section.

Note: If your pet seems to be fussing at the top knot area…chances are your top knot is too tight!


3 responses to “Miss Millie La’Rue’s Fashion Tips! Top Knot Guide!

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    Millie, what would i have ever done without your great bow advice ~you really made the difference for lil moi!

  2. My mom does this all wrong..I will have to inform her on this very impawtant matter…

  3. Harbor & Jodie

    Makes me wish I wore bows!

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