Editor’s Note: April 1, 2010

Spring has sprung! And not a moment too soon! After a very snowy, cold winter, we welcome spring’s colors and warmth with open arms! In this issue of Dogpawfile Magazine, to help us embrace spring, Millie offers her Easter fashion tips, as well as a little history lesson about the origins of the Easter outfit. The beautiful outfit Millie is modeling for us this month was purchased from the online boutique, http://www.TheHauteHound.com. TheHauteHound is one of Millie’s favorite on-line shopping sites, and the owner, Ms. Kimberly, has graciously offered a 10% discount to Dogpawfile members. To find out how to receive the discount, read Millie’s article! We thank Ms. Kimberly for her kindness, and thanks to Millie for arranging this!

Also in this issue, Twinkle recommends a book perfect for your spring-time enjoyment. As always, we appreciate her insight!

Do you wish you could attract more colorful birds to your yard this spring and summer? Maddie and Bailey’s Mom, Christine, is the perfect person to offer us advice. Christine has had a corner of her property certified by the National Wildlife Federation, and in this issue of Dogpawfile Magazine, she shares her expert advice on backyard “birding.”

Enjoy, pups!


One response to “Editor’s Note: April 1, 2010

  1. A great addition to our wonderful mag!!! well done!!

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