Fetch This Book!

Tailchaser’s Song
Written by Tad Williams

As a people whose love for dogs and cats has us creating dialogue and even fantastical situations on occasions, we at DogPawFile will take instantly to Tad Williams’ fantasy of a world of cats. In this, his first novel, readers enter a realm where cats speak, fight evil, battle for their very survival ~and they love and feel with emotional depth. They call themselves “the folk,” respect their elders, honor their king, and raise their families. Fritti Tailchaser is a young ginger tom, whose life suddenly changes upon discovery of his missing siblings and mother. They were gone, in their place nothing but the scent of M’an. So Tailchaser fled to the woods, living roughly till weakened, then he is grasped by the M’an; their large hands and smell overcame Tailchaser and carried him away. He expected to be killed, instead they fed him good food and gave him good water; to his surprise he was well-treated and he could still play outside with his best friend, Hushpad, ~until she disappears. Determined to find her, Tailchaser, not yet even of hunter status, embarks upon a journey; a journey that takes him on an incredible track, to cat-hell. Will he find Hushpad and the others who are taken? Will they find their way back?

This reader, quite comfortable with speaking dogs and cats, read with delighted imagination as I padded alongside Tailchaser and friends on his adventurous epic. This afternoon, looking into and through the pale green eyes of my own mackerel tabby, Mewsey, I wondered. Wondered what magic he sees through his eyes. What does he notice that I miss? Why is it that in deep night he chooses to dance and sing Mewsey’s Song?



3 responses to “Fetch This Book!

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us all!

  2. Liberty and Justice

    Sounds like a must read!

  3. Harbor & Jodie

    I saw a few books in this series at the library. Thanks for the review, I’ll check one out!

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