Millie’s Easter Fashion Tips!

“In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it…you’ll be the finest lady in the Easter Parade!” Well, that’s how the song goes anyway. For centuries, women have been getting dressed in their best finery to celebrate the Easter Holiday. Where did this notion originate?

It is believed that many centuries ago, after their baptisms, early Christians wore white robes all through Easter week to indicate their “new lives.” Those who had already been baptized wore NEW CLOTHES instead to symbolize their sharing a new life with Christ. It was even considered “bad luck” if you did not have something NEW to wear at Easter. In fact, one superstition held that if you did NOT have new clothes at Easter, moths and crickets would EAT your old clothes and nest in your house! YIKES! I’m glad that my Mummy gets me a new outfit every Easter! BOL

In Medieval Europe, church-goers would take a walk after Easter Mass, led by a crucifix or the Easter candle. Today, these walks endure as Easter Parades. People show off their spring finery, including lovely bonnets, decorated for spring. The Easter Parade has become a tradition in many cities to celebrate Easter, and this dates back to the time of Emperor Constantine (early 4th century A.D.). Does anypawdy out there know where the 1st Easter Parade occurred in the United States? It was in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1860, where people paraded around the boardwalk in the best Easter clothing. But the LARGEST and most widely known Easter Parade is the annual parade in New York City along Fifth Avenue. Every year, you will see the most outrageous outfits and hats, worn by people and pets alike. It is an event not to be missed if you happen to be in the area during Easter weekend!

But for your average pawson, we just celebrate with a darling little pastel outfit, such as the little dress that I am modeling here today. It is thought that the reason pastel colors are so popular for Easter-wear is because they represent the coming of spring and help to LIFT the spirit after a long, cold winter. I know that when I put on my little Easter dress, it certainly lifted MY spirit! BOLBOLBOL

The little halter style harness dress that I am wearing this Easter has bunny and floral embroidery, a skirt covered in bunnies and strawberries, a darling little pink gingham mary-jane collar, rick-rack trim, and daisy button accents. It is fully lined, and has velcro closures at the neck and chest. It is a custom-made outfit, so unless the boutique happens to have a few in stock, it will take 3-4 weeks to order one. Sometimes, they can place a rush on an order, so check with the owner. My Mummy bought this beautiful Easter dress for me at, which is one of my favorite on-line shopping boutiques. Ms. Kimberly, the owner, has kindly agreed to offer all doggies on our site a 10% discount on ALL purchases made from her site. All you have to do is enter the code “dogpawfile” in the CODE box during the check-out process. She offers tons of toys, treats, leashes, harnesses and of course clothing options for doggies of all tastes. Check them out for yourselves!

Color choices are also associated with personality traits, and will often influence a pawson’s choice in clothing. Below are the traits given to “Easter Colors”……..

RED: This color is associated with the blood Jesus Christ shed for mankind, thus RED is a symbol of love and sacrifice for goodness and humanity.

WHITE: Signifies purity and grace.

GREEN: Brings a ray of hope and is the color of grass.

PURPLE: Indicative of royalty and is said to bring wealth.

YELLOW: Related to the brightness of the sun and brings joy and happiness.

BLACK: Indicates the evil side and signifies darkness.

ORANGE: Represents hope and is associated with the dawn of day.

PINK: Indicates a fresh beginning.

I hope that this has given you new insight into the beginnings of the Easter outfit, and that you will not encourage “bad luck” to come your way by trying to get by with wearing something OLD for Easter this year! I, myself, will always remind Mummy that I simply MUST have a new Easter outfit, even if it means cutting back on their food budget! BOLBOLBOL I might have to remind her about the moths and crickets taking over their home if she starts to drag her heels!

Kiss Kiss and Hoppy Easter!

Little Millie is ready to spring into spring fashion!


One response to “Millie’s Easter Fashion Tips!

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    oh Millie! We love this article, chock-a-block with lots of charming information! We had no idea!!! …and now, mama had bettah get lil moi a NEW Easter Dress before those noisy crickets come. bol xoxoxo

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