From the Editor’s Desk

This month’s DogPawFile Magazine is my first publication as co-editor. I extend heartfelt gratitude to our faithful contributors for making this first issue not only better than I hoped for, but also easier. Thank you to Annie, our experienced and excellent editor; to Paul, founder and owner of DogPawFile, for allowing me this fabulous opportunity.

When I think of May it is Mother’s Day that immediately comes to mind. All of us women on DogPawFile see our dogs as our children. I don’t believe even one of our female members has referred to their self differently. We are Mother, Mommy, Mummy, Mama and Mum; and men, you call yourself, Daddy. We take our dogs into our hearts and lives; raise them up, protecting and shielding them from harm. We put their well being first, both physically and emotionally. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our dogs. We experience a real and visceral bond, both human and dog. This inter-species exchange of love is a beautiful God-given gift. I pray every day to live up to the person my dogs believe me to be, it would break my heart to ever disappoint them. My dogs have never disappointed me.

My own Mother told me five years ago when Joli, a standard poodle, came into her life that with this dog she would not refer nor become her mother. Holding her new found friend closely, she kissed her, telling me they would be friends, the closest and the very best of friends. Today, I hear my mother refer to herself as Joli’s mother. Somewhere in-between her feelings changed. I believe they deepened.

In this edition of DogPawfile Magazine, Harbor takes us on a shopping trip of products to give our babies better than spa treatment. To give us more knowledge in caring even better for our babies Millie has written a most excellent article on nutrition I think many will find most helpful, I certainly have. And to coddle our babies all the more she presents an easy new cookie recipe I cannot wait to try. Marjorie conveys her heart-warming experience of giving the love, warmth and connection of Kismet’s puppies to elder-folk, and if you wear mascara I hope its waterproof. And finally, Annie tells us of a somewhat obscure dog movie she discovered and loves, Hachi, A Dog’s Tail. Many of us avoid dog movies knowing we will cry, but I encourage you to take time to plumb the depths of your heart with Annie’s movie recommendation, it will only do good.

Happy Mother’s Day!   ~Sibylla


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