Harbor’s Shopping Network

Hi, pals, hope everyone is having a great spring. This is the time of year for spring cleaning and, like it or not, that includes us pups! This installment of HSN is all about bath time and products that help us look our best.

Booster Bath

Booster Bath is a portable, lightweight, sturdy tub designed for indoor or out door use. Details include an adjustable 3 point safety harness, a non-slip bottom, adjustable spray nozzle. Shampoo caddy and a 5 foot drainage hose. It can hold dogs up to 175 pounds. No more chasing Rover around the yard with the hose!


Paw Plunger

Keep your floors clean with The Paw Plunger Dog Paw Cleaner. Fill with warm water and dunk paws in, one at a time. Soft bristles inside the plunger gently remove dirt from paws. What will they think of next!


Every Dog Has his Day Spa Paw Rub

The pawfect thing for tired tootsies! Formulated from all natural aloe, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and mango seed butter, this rich emollient is dog safe and made to protect and heal. Good for human , too!


The Wet Dog Wrap

Leave it to Hammacher Schlemmer, the ultimate luxury catalog, to bring us the ultimate dog towel! The Wet Dog Wrap, winner of Dog Fancy Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, slips over the head, wraps around your pet’s body, and is held in place with Velcro. Made from microfiber, it protects wet dogs from chills and protects furniture from wet dogs. Available in sizes to fit dogs from 4 – 29 inches long.


Organic Dog Cologne

This yummy stuff is handmade from organic almond oil, lavender, shea butter and other natural ingredients. Not only does it make you smell great, it helps repel fleas and soften fur!


Soggy Dog

Soggy Dog is a towel specifically designed for dogs. Its contoured shape has 4 pockets so it’s easier to hold on and dry at the same time. It’s made of super-absorbent 100% cotton and has a loop for hanging.


Bar None Dog Shampoo

Bar None Dog Shampoo is a handmade, all natural shampoo bar.  This is what Mommy uses on me and, speaking as someone with ten years of dog grooming experience, she loves it! It lathers well, rinses easily, helps repel fleas and smells wonderful! We love the fact that it has no harsh detergents and it all the natural oils make my fur very soft!



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