The Gift of a Smile!

What does it take to bring a smile to some ones face? Is there a cost in making another persons’ day? The reward of it is all that you should truly measure. The happiness each and every one of us knows from our own dogs, is tenfold for someone who lives without a companion and would like to have one.

Recently we have shared Kismet’s litter of Pups on All the regulars have gotten to know their sweet little faces. As most of the regulars know me as the Marjorie, behind Hamish’s pack ~ I have many off line friends as well. I had been chatting with on off line friend who works at a nursing home. She was telling me of a lady there who has Alzheimer’s. She told me how this lady collects stuffed toys; in particular dogs. As my friend cuddled one of my pups she said, “”Oh Stella would love to see this little guy!” Without a moment’s hesitation I suggested if it was alright with the facility, I could bring all 6 pups for a visit.

As I arrived at the nursing home with two crates of pups I was stopped at the door by staff and residence. Puppies were quickly dispatched in various directions to be cuddled. The nurses asked if they could take a few to the patients in their beds, and I of course said, “YES”. Some went to the sun room to see the ladies waiting to have their nails done. I did insist that I be taken to where ever, “STELLA” was.

Her hands shook and her eyes sparkled as I handed her a pup. She held Bentley first. She called him by name and talked to him. She stroked his soft fur. He relaxed and started to drift off in her lap. I was chatting to another lady when, Stella brought me the pup.

“My Hands shake so badly…..” she said, “I am afraid I will drop him.”

“That’s alright,” I spoke softly. “As long as he was loved, he would be happy to be with you.”

Stella handed me back the pup and gently rubbed his head and then returned to her seat.  I watched her for a few minutes and saw her get a misty look. I handed Bentley to someone else and I got a different puppy.

“Would you like to try and hold, Lily?” I asked her.

“Oh, I do so love puppies. What kind are they…” She asked as I handed her the little fluff ball.

I explained again how I had come to be there that day and that the lady who does her hair and I had arranged this. She nodded and held the pup close. About 15 minutes later she came back to me with the pup

“My Hands shake so badly……” She said. “I am afraid I will drop him.”

This went on the entire time of my visit. I made sure that she got back to a seat and then I would bring her a different pup to hold. Each time it was like giving her a beautiful precious gift. Each time it was new to her. When it was time to leave she still wasn’t sure who had arranged this, but she knew somehow it was meant for her.

My own Grandmother had Alzheimer’s. She did not know me at the end. She thought I was my mother, and her anger toward my mother was not intended for me, but was hurled at me. I couldn’t bear to see her that way, and I stopped going a year before she passed as it was just too painful. In my heart I wanted to somehow amend that. I suppose.

It doesn’t take much to improve someone’s day. To be able to share the gift of those precious pups with the seniors, and especially, Stella, made my day too. The lady from the local paper came and took pictures. She asked me to pose with the seniors and I declined.

“It’s not about me!” I told her, “It’s about the precious gift of love and laughter that this gesture brings. Anyone with a manageable litter of pups or Kittens could do the same thing.”

I was asked by another of my off line friends to bring the pups to the group home where she works with mentally handicapped adults. I was more than thrilled to bring the pups there as well.

Marjorie Myle-Bilous


2 responses to “The Gift of a Smile!

  1. Harbor & Jodie

    ~tears in my eyes~ What a blessing this visit was, for the folks you visited, for the pups, and for you as well.

  2. Justice and Valentine

    What a wonderful gift of sharing love!

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