Dear Madame Editor

Teddy is my first puppy, and Tiny was my first dog. Since getting Teddy, I have noticed changes in Tiny’s behavior at feeding time. She is always interested in Teddy’s plate. Of course, I understand that’s natural. But before she eats off her own plate, she goes over to Teddy’s plate and sniffs his food first. Then she waddles over to her own plate to eat her food. Is she checking to make sure that she and Teddy both have the same food? She also rarely goes in her own crate. She prefers to nap in Teddy’s crate. Why? When I feed them together, I put Tiny’s plate in front of her, and Teddy’s plate in front of him. They both walk over to the other’s plate to see what is there, and sometimes start eating from the other dog’s plate even though it’s the same food! Why? Any insight you can give me into my doggies would be appreciated! Thank you!
Tiny & Teddy’s Mommy

Dear Tiny & Teddy’s Mommy,
Letters to the Editor are generally commentary in nature, but I shall endeavor to do my best to answer your questions. What you have here is a classic case of sibling rivalry. What one has the other wants.  What one wants the other needs. You may be mommy to a dog and a puppy, but they are kids.

~The Editor


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