From the Editor’s Desk

As our days become more and more summer-like in the northern hemisphere we switch gears. Those of us on coastal waters must check evacuation plans and gear in preparation for hurricane season that begins June 1st. Have a special go-bag ready with your pet’s food, comfort items, medical and grooming needs. If you evacuate, please bring your dogs and cats, birds and all animals in your care. To my way of thinking it is wrong to leave them behind in a place under threat where you yourself will not stay. If it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t for them. There are dog friendly hotels and inns; others often make allowances for evacuees.

Another big consideration as the weather heats up is heat-stroke prevention. Never leave your dog or cat in a vehicle in warm weather. Cars heat up quickly, heat stroke strikes even quicker -beware of this killer. Fleas and ticks thrive in warm weather and they are hungry, do not let your animals become part of their food chain. If you use a flea & tick product follow the directions precisely and never-ever apply one formulated for dogs onto a cat. I make my own flea and tick repellant from herbal oils. With more out-of-doors time comes greater use of our feet and paws. It is good practice to wipe paws after an outing and check for any injury or wear.  With safety for our dogs and cats at our mind’s forefront we can enjoy a lovely summer-time.

This second May issue presents, Letters to the Editor, a new feature I hope everyone will contribute to. Just as in any such column whether in newspapers or magazines you submit a letter voicing your concern, stand, or opinion. Send letters to

Our wonderful DogPawFile Magazine contributor and delightful snacker, Millie LaRue, wrote a most informative article on healthy snacking that will have you reconsidering what treats you keep for your dogs in the cupboard. Also she gives her favorite recipe for one of her favorite snacks dedicated to much loved Shih Tzu puppy, Duncan. Fetch This Book features one of Millie’s favorite stories, I think we will all want to read. Fashion and function strut down the runway together in Millie’s style article, with the lovely bonus of a ten percent discount given us DogPawFilers from her favorite online shop, The Haute Hound. Thank you Haute Hound! And finally, read about controversial no bark laws being passed throughout our communities.

Wishing you all a safe wonder-filled summer! ~Sibylla


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