Life of Pi by Yann Martel

This isn’t a story of a dog, or a boy and a dog, or a bird, or even a cat…WAIT! It IS about a cat…a very BIG cat, a TIGER actually…and a 16-year-old boy named Pi (pronounced Pie). The book starts off with the author of the book being approached by a man in a coffee shop. The man sits down to tell him a story and begins by asking, “Do you believe in God?  Well, after you hear this story…you will.”

The man tells the story of Pi and ultimately how the young man is shipwrecked and found adrift in the Pacific Ocean in nothing but a 26-foot lifeboat. But Pi is not alone. His passengers on this small boat are an injured zebra, a spotted hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger. Pi is adrift for 227 days, but the passengers in the lifeboat begin to diminish one by one. As Pi fights to survive hunger and the elements, in addition to the danger from the animals on board, he remembers later feeling: “It is pointless to say that this or that night was the worst of my life. I have so many bad nights to choose from that I’ve made none the champion.”

Pi is an irrational number…and this is an irrational story, if you choose to believe it.  If not, then Pi offers YOU a second, more rational explanation.  Pawlease don’t miss out on this book. It is one of our most favorite books of all times!

Kiss kiss,
Millie LaRue


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