This Law Bites

Imagine living in a town with a No-Bark law. Perhaps you don’t need to imagine such a scenario because you already do. This law is spreading, like a fungus, through towns across the land. Is this law coming to your town? To your home? To mine? Several places already have such ordinances. There is no barking allowed in Collingswood, N.J while in Cliffton, New Jersey the law states noisy canines are defined as those who bark more than 30 minutes on two consecutive days. In Piscataway, NJ, the mayor wants dogs to be respectful. This just names three; there are many more, not all in New Jersey. Are these laws meant to protect people from aggravation, headaches, stress and sleepless nights? Are they designed to protect dogs from being forgotten in the back yard? Are they intended to provide more revenue for town coffers? Now, you and I, dog lovers all, know this to be one impossible law to obey ~dogs bark. Responsible dog people do not allow their dogs to bark till neighbors go berserk; common sense tells us a certain amount of give and take is warranted when it comes to barking dogs. A man and his greyhound appeared on Fox & Friends morning news a several weeks ago. He was unconcerned about the no-bark law, as was the greyhound. He dressed the law with the good reasoning of intention to prevent tying dogs up in yards for endless hours; which, he said is a big problem in his town. I cannot help but wonder why the town didn’t simply pass a law forbidding the tying up of dogs for more than a couple hours. Tethered dogs aren’t all barkers. It sickens me to see a dog tied up and forgotten, or even just kept out in the backyard and forgotten. I recognize these poor banished souls while sitting in the vet’s waiting room. Dusty, nails split and damaged, faded worn collars; sun-bleached hair. And they are eager; eager to greet any stranger; stretching leads, pushing their noses forward to feel the warm touch of another. Dogs are a social species ~they need to bark some, and they need to be a real part of their “owners” lives. The other day I saw a commercial advertising a no-bark gizmo, they touted the benefit of buying it for apartment dwellers. Buy it to silence your dog, or, if you don’t have a dog, buy it to thwart the behavior of your neighbor’s dog. I won’t try it. The bottom line is this; Dogs bark. They always have and always will ~it’s the way of it.

Other animal laws:

~In Denver, Colorado the dog catcher must post a warning notice on a tree in the city park (were the dog can see it), three days in advance, that he is a wanted dog. (When did the humans learn we actually can read?!)
~In some New Jersey towns cats must wear bells to give birds warning they are out and about. (I like this one)
~In Columbus, Georgia cats are forbidden to make noise after 9 o’clock at night.
~There are areas of New York where dogs may bark 15 minutes at a time while in areas of Wisconsin they are not allowed to bark, snarl or growl in a menacing manner at all.
~In Chicago, it is illegal to take a French poodle to the opera.
~In Westport, Massachusetts Dogs are strictly forbidden from riding in ambulances.
~Dogs cannot nap in barbershops or beauty salons in Duluth, Minnesota. The law also makes it illegal to let a dog, horse, or any other animal sleep in a bakery.


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