Fiction by James Cox: Shadow and the Fairy

Shadow went to bed, and buried her head in her cushion so her dad would not wake her at 6.00am for a walk. She was determined to have a lay-in; she closed her eyes to go to sleep, then felt a tapping on her nose. She opened one eye and saw a little glowing thing she thought was a bug, and lifted a paw to brush it off her nose.

The glowing thing spoke: “Excuse me. I am not a bug! I am a fairy!”

Astonished, Shadow opened her other eye, and the fairy spoke again: “My name is Lily, but my friends call me Lil for short. I have been sent to collect you. I will explain more later. Let me put this magic ring on your collar so you can talk!”

Shadow thought she was dreaming and flicked her nose with her paw.

“Ouch! I am not dreaming!” She thought, and lifted her head so Lily could put the ring on her collar.

“Say hello,” Lily said.

Still in shock, Shadow said, “Hello!”

“Oh! Good…it works!” Lily said.

Shadow said: “Golom is not sneaking around is he?”

“Who is this Golom you speak of?” Lily asked.

“Oh…uh… no-one,” replied Shadow.

Shadow went to a mirror to look at the ring, and upon seeing it, said: ““My! Precious!”

“Did you say something?” Lily asked.

Shadow blushed.

“The reason I am here,” Lily explained. “It was told to us fairies, and written in a prophecy, that when we fairies are in mortal danger, a dog with an arrow marking on its nose will appear and help us.”

“I did not appear!” Shadow said. “You found me!”

“Yes. I did find you, but how?” Lily replied. “I turned the page of the written prophecy and your address was on the other side. Prophets are never wrong! The thing is, our king and queen have been kidnapped, and our way of life is in danger! Will you help us?”

Shadow pondered the quest that Lily had asked her to do.

“May I have your answer please?” Lily asked, to which Shadow replied “Aww! Go on then, anything to stop my Dad taking me out in the cold early hours of the morning!”

Upon hearing this, Lily flew up high and glowed brightly, and chanted: “From a land farm away, bring the slide to transport the chosen one through space and time to my village called Enchantedville!”

Lily threw her hands forward, and a ball of light flew from them, followed by a strange sound, and then a hole filled with bright light appeared in the door. Shadow stood in disbelief and stammered: “W -w-w-what do I do now?”

Lily instructed: “Walk through the hole, then sit or lie down and push yourself off!” So this is what Shadow did.

Off down the slide with a whoosh Shadow went, with Lily flying beside her. Down she went sliding around corners – even upside down – at terrific speed. Lights and strange looking shapes were rushing past her.

“I shouldn’t have had those bonios!” Shadow thought. “I understand why Mum won’t go on fairground rides!”

As Shadow saw a brilliant light detting bigger, she thought they must be nearly there!

“How do I slow down?” Shadow asked Lily. “I can see we are nearly there!”

Lily looked confused. “Oh! I don’t know!” She replied. “I never thought of that!”

“Oh! Great – this is going to hurt!” Shadow thought.

When the slide finally came to an end, poor Shadow slid off onto her bum on the ground. Her paws dug a rut into the ground.

“Ouch! Awww! Ouch!” Shadow cried as she came to a shuddering halt. “Awww! Ouch! OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH!!!!”

Concerned, Lily flew to Shadow. “Chosen one, are you okay?” Lily asked.

Shadow got up off the ground, rubbing her derriere, muttering “I am fine but my bum is sore!” She looked around and asked, “So is this where you live? It is so dull and quiet!?”

Lily replied: “It was not always like this. Enchantedville used to be green and bright until our king and queen were kidnapped.”

“Where is everybody?” Shadow asked.

“Everyone is in hiding,” Lily said, and then let out a ear piercing shriek.

Suddenly, bright light came from everywhere and formed two lines for Shadow and Lily to walk through. Shadow quickly discovered the bright light was more fairies, who all began to chant: “The dog with the mark of an arrow is here to save us! Hurrah! Hurrah!”

“They seem to like me!” Shadow said to Lily. “How long are we staying in your village?”

“Long enough for you to rest and eat. Then your quest begins,” Lily said.

Shadow had long rest and was served a banquet of food. Before long, Shadow and Lily were on their way. The other fairies cheered, then quickly dispersed and hid. Shadow turned to Lily and asked, “Why do they hide?”

Lily replied, “They are afraid that the armies of ogres and gremlins will return.”

Shadow gulped. “A-a-a-army? How are we going to beat an army when there are only two of us? And what do you mean if they return?”

“Let me explain,” Lily said. “The army burst into my village, as you know, and kidnapped our king and queen. Our magical powers were useless against them; they were protected by a more powerful magic than ours. You will gain your skills as we go along.”

Shadow replied excitedly, “Does that mean I get magical powers?”

Lily nodded.

Shadow continued” “But how will I know when and how to use them?”

Lily smiled. “You will know when.”

“Where are we going?” Shadow asked. “And there is still two of us against an army!”

“We are going along the same route that we think the ogres and gremlins took our king and queen,” Lily explained. “And in a time of need, I can summon one or two of your friends here to help us, but they have to return home afterward.”

Lily and Shadow were travelling for ages. In the distance, they saw a big gate patrolled by gremlins. Shadow and Lily had to find somewhere to hide and quick! Shadow squeezed beneath a big bush.

“Oh, no!” Shadow thought. “It’s a prickly bush! I hope I don’t get any thorns anywhere!”

Shadow turned to Lily and said, “Could you summon one of my friends now?”

“Of course!” Lily replied. “Which friend would you like?”

Shadow put a paw up to her head to think. “Ah, yes, I know! My friend, Jenny, has special training, and her code name is Mata Hari.”

Lily flew up high and chanted some magical words. A light appeared on the floor, and Shadow heard: “Coooeee Shadow! What am I doing here? I was enjoying a nice, big, juicy beef steak! Wait! I’m talking! Huh! What’s going on?”

“Shh!” Shadow warned. “Jenny, come over here, and mind the thorns!”

Jenny crawled under the bush with her steak still in her paw. Shadow and Lily quickly explained to Jenny what was going on, that they needed to get through the gate, past the gremlins, to get more information about the kidnapping of the king and queen. At first, Jenny thought she was dreaming, then said: “Don’t worry! Leave it to me! They don’t call me Mata Hari for nothing!”

Jenny picked up a stick from the ground, and walked closer to the gate and stood on her back legs.

“Youhoooooooo, boys!” Jenny cooed.

The gremlins looked and stared, and then ran towards Jenny. When they were closer, Jenny pulled the stick from behind her back. The gremlins went flying up in the air. Some fled in fright. Jenny caught one gremlin, pinned him to the ground, and held her juicy beef steak (which had been her dinner) over the gremlins face. The juices were dripping on his face.

“Where are the king and queen, and who is your leader?” Jenny demanded as she dangled the steak closer to the gremlin’s face.

“T-t-t-they are in the castle faraway!”The gremlin stuttered and pointed towards the gates. “O-o-o-our leader is the Overlord!”

Jenny then flung the gremlin into the air and said” “My job is done here! Mata Hari away!”

Lily flew up into the air, chanted some more magical words, and Jenny disappeared back home.

Thanks to Jenny finishing off the gremlins Shadow and Lily were free to pass through the gate.

As they went through the gates, a vile smell, worse than a sewer or Shadow’s Dad’s work socks, hit their noses. They looked around. the city was slimy and dark, the worst place they could imagine.

“It looks a bit like the city from the film Labrinth,” Shadow remarked.

“What is that?” asked Lily.

“A film my Mum has watched about seven times!” replied Shadow.

“Oh, yes,” said Lily. “I think I know the movie you are speaking of, but why has your mum watched it so much?”

“I think it has something to do with David Bowie in tight trousers,” Shadow replied, and Lily laughed.

Shadow looked around at the city again, and said: “Doesn’t the castle look far away?”

“Don’t worry, chosen one,” Lily said. “I know a short cut.”

Shadow said: “You don’t have to call me chosen one. Call me Shadow.”

Suddenly, Lily let out a shout of pain, and dropped down a little.

“Are you okay, Lily?” Shadow exclaimed.

“It felt as if my magical powers were being drained!” replied Lily.

“But how can that be?” Shadow asked.

“The only thing I can think of is when we get a new king or queen, we have to give them a little of our powers so we are all as one. The Overlord must be draining their powers!”

Then all of a sudden a bright green ball of light was heading towards them, and smashed to the ground in front of them. Green vines rose up out of the green ball.

Lily warned: “Be careful! They will twist around you and encase you for all eternity! The only way to get rid of them is to sing, but you have to be a really good singer to enchant the vines!”

Shadow said: “It is time for me to call another friend! I wish to call Little Mo, and can you make sure she appears on that roof over there so the vines do not get her?”

Luckily, the vines had not trapped Lily. She flew up high, said some magic words, and Little Mo appeared on the roof, looking confused.

“What am I doing here, and how come I can talk?” Little Mo said. “How come there are vines trapping your legs, Shadow?”

Shadow said: “Quick, Lily, fly up there and explain!”

Lily flew up to Little Mo, who upon seeing Lily, said: “Awwww! Good! A glowing bug for me to play with!”

“I am not a bug!” Lily said. “I am a fairy!”

Little Mo giggled when she heard this. Lily continued: “I need you to sing! This is the only way to free Shadow!”

Little Mo took a deep breath, opened her mouth, and began to sing.

“I talk to the trees, but they don’t listen to me!” The singing was the most enchanting sound and the vines vanished and Shadow was free!

Shadow thanked Little Mo, who replied: “This year, killer vines! Next year, the X factor! Watch out, Simon Cowel!

Lily uttered more magic words, and Little Mo disappeared back home.

Shadow said: “We best be on our guard! The Overlord must know we are coming!”

Lily said: “How do you know that the Overlord knows we are coming?”

Shadow replied: “Well, the gremlins at the gate must have fled back to him and told him! Lily, can you fly around, and see if there is another path around the city, as we cannot go through the city? The Overlord will be expecting us.”

Lily had a fly-around to see if there was another path while Shadow hid. About ten minutes later, Lily returned and said: “There is another path that way, and if we go left, it will lead us to woodland.”

Shadow and Lily set off down the path, hiding behind every house they came to so they wouldn’t be detected, They turned left into the woodland, and they thought they were safe beneath the cover of the trees, but suddenly, there was a deep rumble under Shadow’s feet. The ground started to shake and crack open!

“Watch out, Shadow!” Lily warned.

Shadow ran back quickly. When the ground stopped shaking, Shadow and Lily went to the opening in the ground, and saw a huge canyon. They looked down, but could not see the bottom.

Lily said: “How are you going to get over that? It is huge!”

Shadow said: “It is alright for you – you can fly over it. Is there another way?”

“No,” replied Lily. “Unless we go back through the city.”

Shadow looked at the canyon again and noticed ledges going across the huge canyon. It looked as if she could jump each one, but she was going to need help to do it.

Shadow turned to Lily and said” “It is friend time again! Can you summon two of my friends, Toggle and Button, who are the leap frog champions, and they can get me across this huge canyon?”

Lily glowed brightly, flew up into the air, chanted some magic words, and Toggle and button appeared.

Toggle said: “Hello, Shadow! What are we doing here and wait! Why are we talking?”

Shadow and Lily explained what was going on, then Button exclaimed: “A glowing bug! Get it away from me!”

Button tried to hide behind Toggle. Lily said: “How many more times must I say I am not a bug! I am a fairy!”

“I don’t care what you are!” Button exclaimed. “Keep away from me!”

Shadow explained what she needed them to do.

“If you, Shadow, spring over Button’s back to the first ledge, then I will spring over both of your backs to the second ledge, then the third, and so on!” Toggle said.

And that is what they did. It was all going great until Toggle slipped on Shadow’s back and missed the ledge he was jumping to. Toggle began to fall! Button saw this, and quickly sprang over Shadow’s back, did a triple somersault and grabbed Toggles’ paws and threw him back to the ledge, and landed beside him.

“Bravo, boys!” Lily clapped. They all made it safely over the canyon. Shadow thanked them.

Toggle said: “We best go home now.”

“Yes,” Button agreed. “We have to practise for the leapfrog championships.”

Lily sent them home and Shadow looked around her and gasped, “Look how close the castle is! We had better be careful”

Shadow and Lily headed towards the castle, which looked like something out of Dracula. It was tall and dark and had a big drawbridge and a big, dirty, smelly moat surrounding it.

Shadow said: “I am feeling scared now! I wish I had my hunky chunky husband here to reassure me and give me a big cuddle!”

Lily replied: “Who is your husband?”

“Maxy moo,” replied Shadow, but before she had time to say anything else, Lily flew up high, glowed brightly and chanted some magic words.

Max, looking around frantically, appeared in front of Shadow.

“What’s up Maxy?” Shadow said.

“Well, just a second ago, I was about to tuck into a big bowl of food,” Max said. “And now it has gone, and I am talking! It shows you how hungry I am, or I am imagining things!”

Shadow walked up to Max and gave him a kiss.

“Hubber bubber!” Max said. “I am not imagining it then!”

Shadow asked: “Max, why do you look so sad?”

Max replied sadly: “Well, my big bowl of food has gone!”

Lily said: “Max is a tall, strong dog!”

Shadow smiled. “I know! I love every bit of him!”

Max said: “Could someone tell me what is going on?”

Lily and Shadow explained everything to him, and that they needed to get into the castle. Max asked: “Lily, can you magic me up some armour please?”

Lily replied: “Of course! What size?”

Max replied: “Large.”

Lily flew up, said some magic words, threw her hands forward, and then Max had a gleaming suit of armour, Max went to the dirty moat and drank from it. Shadow was horrified and squealed “Why did you do that?”

Max replied with a grin: “Well, darling, you know what dirty, smelly water does to me!”

Shadow laughed. Shadow, Max, and Lily went around to the front of the castle. Max told Shadow and Lily to stay where they were while he walked up to the edge of the moat and shouted: “I am Sir Max of Eatalot! Lower your drawbridge, or I will unleash my weapon on you!”

An ogre grunted: “Go away!”

Max shouted back: “You have been warned!”

Max tested the wind direction, and then a pungent green gas went up to the castle. You could hear the ogres scream: “What is that disgusting smell? We have got to get out of here! We will be sick!”

The ogres jumped out of the windows, lowered the drawbridge to get away from the smell. After all the ogres fled, Max pointed to the castle and said: “Well, ladies, your castle awaits.” All three of them walked over the drawbridge and up the steps to a locked door.

Max said: “Stand back! Now you know why I requested the armour!”

Max took a run and burst through the door. The three of them entered the castle, and in front of them stood the Overlord, and the king and queen were there floating in the air in a magical ball. The Overlord looked at them and said: “It is one of those pesky fairies!” He pointed his twisted staff at Lily, and a red beam of light shot out and hit her. Lily started to fall to the floor.

“Lily!” Shadow shouted.

Shadow dived to catch Lily before she hit the ground. She caught Lily in her outstretched paws just in time. Lily was laying in Shadow’s paws, motionless. Shadow looked down at Lily and began to cry, her tears splashed over Lily. Then Max exclaimed: “Shadow, look! Lily is beginning to glow again!”

Shadow looked down and, indeed, Lily was glowing. Lily said: “The healing tears of the chosen one! You have saved me!”

“Can you fly?” Shadow asked.

“Yes!” replied Lily. “I am restored to full health thanks to you!”

Max quickly whispered something to Lily. Shadow told Lily to fly out of the window so the evil Overlord couldn’t zap her. Lily flew out of the castle. Max said: “Don’t worry, my love! I will take care of the Overlord!”

Max turned around and lifted his tail, but the Overlord saw what he was going to do, and pointed his crooked staff at Max. A red beam of light shot out and dropped an airtight cage over Max. Shadow heard a noise and looked at the door and thought she saw Lulu peering around it. She looked away and looked again and indeed it was Lulu!

Lulu said: “It’s okay, Shadow! Lily has told us everything! We know what to do!”

Shadow said in surprise: “But I never summoned you!”

Lulu said: “It was Max! My gang of weimaraners and my brother, Oscar, are here! Lily bought us here two by two to protect the castle so the ogres don’t come back!”

Then Lulu looked over at the Overlord and said: “That looks hideous! Rather you than me! I must say I do like this talking lark!”

Lulu then left and went back to her gang to protect the castle. Then Shadow heard an evil voice say “What are you going to do now, chosen one, or should I say pathetic one?

Shadow was beginning to get angry. As she looked at the Overlord, all she could see was a big black cape. s
She could not see a face, as there was a hood covering it, but there was a green, warty hand holding the staff. Then Shadow said: “I demand that you let the king and queen go, and release my husband from that cage, and I demand you tell me why you are holding the king and queen!”

The overlord replied: “You demand of me? All I will tell you is I want the king and queen’s magic to combine it with my own so I can take over Enchantedville and then the universe! No one can stop me, not even you!”

Upon hearing this, Shadow felt a bubbling in her belly, and flames flashing in her eyes. She pushed her paws forward and shouted as a white beam of light came out of her paws. The Overlord lowered his staff and a red beam of light came out of it, and met with the white beam. The beams of light were going to and fro. Max was watching all this with interest from his cage and shouted: “I hope Shadow has got Ever-ready batteries, long life ones!”

The Overlord said to Shadow: “You can not beat me, for you are just a dog!”

Shadow was really angry now. She shouted again, and the white beam of light got much bigger, and pushed the red beam back and shattered the Overlord’s staff. The Overlord was no more than a black cape laying on the floor!

Shadow pointed her paws at the magic ball holding the king and queen and set them free. Then she shattered the cage holding Max. Max ran over to Shadow and gave her a big cuddle and said: “Remind me never to tick you off!”

Then the room filled with light. Lily had brought all the fairies to help Shadow. Lily said: “You have done it then! You used magic!”

The king came over and said: “Yes, she did! It was the most powerful magic I have ever seen!”

The queen said: “There will be a celebration tonight! The chosen one has set us free!” She ordered some of the fairies to organize it. Shadow asked Lily to thank Lulu and her gang for their help and to send them back home, and that is what Lily did. The king ordered some fairies to go under Shadow and some to go under Max. Shadow asked: “What are they doing?”

The king replied: “They are flying you back to our village!” So the fairies lifted Shadow and Max in the air. As they were flying along, Max said to Shadow: “This beats first class!”

Shadow said: “Huh?”

Max repeated: “This beats first class! We would rather fly fairy class! Hee Hee!”

When they landed at the village, the party began! There was singing, dancing, and to Max’s pleasure, food and lots of it! Shadow then asked Lily to send Max home so Lily flew up high and before Max disappeared, Shadow gave him a kiss goodbye. The king and queen thanked Shadow. Suddenly, Shadow heard a voice call her name. She looked around, and there was no-one there. Then the fairies decided to play a game with Shadow. They told her to close her eyes and turn around three times, then they would tell her what to do next. That is what Shadow did, but as she was turning, she thought she heard Lily say goodbye Shadow. When Shadow opened her eyes, she was back in her bed, and her Dad was standing over her.

“Oh! It must have been a dream,” Shadow thought. Then she looked at the clock. It was 6:00 a.m., or so she thought. Then her dad knelt down to put on her lead, and he saw the ring on her collar.

“Where did this come from?” Dad muttered.

Shadow replied: “From a fairy named Lily.”

Shadow’s Dad dropped the lead and stammered” “Y y y y you c c c can t t t talk?” He feinted.

“It was not a dream then!” Shadow said.


James Fox, Shadow's Dad, enjoys writing fiction with Shadow as the main character.


5 responses to “Fiction by James Cox: Shadow and the Fairy

  1. Justice and Valentine

    A delightful bit of Fairy Fancy and the secret lives of dogs!

  2. my dad says a big thank you for featuring his fairy story and hopes everyone enjoys reading it as much as he enjoys writing it xx




  4. Love your story and what talent your dad has!!!

  5. We loved this story! It is a perfect mix of fantasy, reality and humor! Well done!! xoxoxo

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