Editor’s Note: June 1st, 2010

Greetings, all! June is finally here! Besides Father’s Day, there’s a very special date on the calendar: Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Friday, June 25th, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. First initiated in 1996 in the United Kingdom, the United States began its own Take Your Dog to Work tradition in 1999. Created by Pet Sitters International, this day is based on the theory that bringing your four legged “child” to work to mingle among co-workers will encourage non-pet owners among them to rush to animal shelters and rescue organizations to find their own furry friend. Take Your Dog to Work Day is a unique method of celebrating canines everywhere! So, if you can, pack up Fido and his toys, and take him to work!

As temperatures turn warmer, relax in the sun, and read the delightful fiction of Mr. James Cox from the United Kingdom. James, the owner of Dogpawfile’s “Shadow,” has his own wordpress blog, and generously agreed to allow Dogpawfile to publish two of his short stories. This week, for your enjoyment, Dogpawfile Magazine presents the first of these stories, “Shadow and the Fairy.”

Miss Millie LaRue is back with her expert beauty and fashion tips, and Dogpawfile’s resident bird expert returns again this week with helpful hints on how you can photograph the wildlife in your backyard.

And there’s important warnings for us to consider regarding flea and tick treatments for your dogs. Please read the Associated Humane Society notice included in Dogpawfile Magazine’s issue this week.

Till next time, have fun in the sun!
~ Anne Mikolay


One response to “Editor’s Note: June 1st, 2010

  1. Looking forward to reading Shadow’s stories, we need to let everyone on the site know about this Magazine update!

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