From the Editor’s Desk

Summer time and the living is easy…Fish are jumpin’… and the cotton is high. Daddy’s rich and your mama’s good lookin’… this fabulous George Gershwin song plays through my mind every sultry southern summer as we go about keeping cool while enjoying the best of summer’s bountiful offerings.

This July edition of  DogPawFile Magazine features our very first Pet Craft article, this one is from Millie; I think you will enjoy making these on rainy afternoons, or on those days when it is just too dog-gone hot to go outside. I’m excited about our new Pet Craft feature and hope we can keep it going for months to come. Sarai and Jersey wrote a wonderful poem that stirs the senses; I am thrilled to publish it for yall to enjoy. If you have a poem you’d like to share please send it in for publication, I know there are many poets out there. Another new column I’m pleased to present is, Hero Dog; this month you will meet Smoky, who is perhaps the smallest hero dog ever.  Hurricane season is upon us, and those living along coastlines are especially aware of this. Millie tells us all about the importance of proper preparation for these dangerous storms. And do you know the best way to cool down in July ~celebrate Christmas! Yes, we will be celebrating Christmas here on DogPawFile all July long, so pour yourself a nice glass of ice tea and read all about it, then go hang up your pretty twinkly lights and get set to celebrate Christmas in July.

My thanks and appreciation to faithful and new contributors, and to our readership ~ without you, there would be no DogPawFile Magazine.

~Sibylla, Co-Editor


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