Letters to the Editor – Fourth of July Safety

Dear Editor,

Celebrating the Fourth of July with your pet’s safety in mind will protect them from a scary world. Exploding fireworks are terrifying for most us dogs and cats, so I hope everypawdy refrains from bringing us with you to the festivities. Because you love us leave us inside your home, ensconced in the quietest room. Remove things you think we might destroy if we panic or become over-stressed.   Never leave us doggles outside, dogs who are normally content to stay in their space will often panic and bolt at the sound of explosives. Sadly, too many of us are lost this way.  Booming sounds from far-off fire crackers are even stressful. Leaving pets in a car is not a safe place while you oooh and ahhh over the pretty fireworks. A hot car will kill a dog, cat, or any animal very very quickly. It is best to leave us home; it is even better if you stay home, keeping us company.

Keep in mind citronella candles and coils, as well as the use of topical products; all these should be kept out of reach. Ingestion will cause stomach distress and affect our central nervous system. If inhaled, the oils can cause us aspiration pneumonia.

Do not apply human sunscreen or insect repellent products on us. Only use products labeled specifically for us. Insect repellant that contains DEET can cause neurological problems. If we ingest sunscreen you may find your loved one drooling, vomiting, having diarrhea, excessively thirsty and lethargic.

Alcoholic drinks should not be left unattended where we can reach them. Alcoholic beverages will intoxicate and weaken us, causing us to go into a coma. Death from respiratory failure is possible in severe cases. Watching us drink your adult beverage is not funny!

After all the hoopla is over, watch for debris. A spent firecracker and even someone’s discarded chicken leg bone from a cookout can easily turn what was to have been a pleasant walk with your loved one into a disaster.

Enjoy the holiday, and keep your loved ones in mind to make it a safe and happy holiday for all.

~Twinkle Starr


2 responses to “Letters to the Editor – Fourth of July Safety

  1. Very important reminders to observe during our celebrations and every summer day! Thanks for these wonderful tips!

  2. Harbor & Jodie

    Very good info, thnak you!

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