Pet Craft

Let your pawsonality shine through with your very own stationary with this month’s Doggie Crafts how-to from Millie~~

Directions: Mummy uses an embossing stamp pad and a cute little paw stamp to stamp her blank stationary paper.  You can get this paper at a craft store.  We get ours at Michaels.  It comes 25 cards and envelopes to a pack, but you can get smaller packs if you like.  Of course I have to have a pink stamp (my signature color!)  While the ink is still wet, she sprinkles on a mixture of pink and kaleidoscope white embossing powders…you can use any color powder and any kind of stamp that you prefer.  Tap off the excess into a wastebasket, making sure that any stray powders around the design are ALSO cleared off of the card!!!  Sometimes a little artist paintbrush helps with this cleaning.  Then take one of those nifty heat embossing guns…they look sort of like hairdryers but they get WAY SO MUCH HOTTER! Apply the heat to the design and watch the powders puff up and melt onto your paper like magic!  Let dry.  They will now be raised up to give an embossed effect!!!!  Mummy then makes a tiny little ribbon and attaches it to the card with glue.  Mummy puts fray check on the edges of the ribbon so they don’t get all frayed and yucky because she is such a pawfectionist…but you don’t really have to do this…but if your bow starts to unravel on the ends, don’t say we didn’t warn you!  BOLBOLBOL

Send me a letter sometime on your new stationary!

Kiss kiss,



3 responses to “Pet Craft

  1. What a lovely idea…and easy, too!! Thanks, Millie!

  2. Harbor & Jodie

    Too cute!


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