The Arizona Summer Breeze

The Arizona Summer Breeze

In the morning before the sun comes up,
The Arizona Summer Breeze is cool to the touch.
Let it engulf you while it’s bearable,
For soon it will become oh so terrible.

At high noon the sun peaks,
The Arizona Summer Breeze feels so bleak.
Run and hide!  Run and hide!
Somewhere nice and cool inside.

During nightfall when the sun has gone,
The Arizona Summer Breeze will make you yawn.
It’s warm and cool altogether,
So close your eyes and enjoy the weather.

Written by, Jersey & Sarai


4 responses to “The Arizona Summer Breeze

  1. This was lovely…it took us there and we did not even mind the scorching part of the day because it was so poetic! Well done, Pal!

  2. Harbor & Jodie

    I felt I was there!

  3. Justice and Valentine

    OOOh We can feel that night time breeze!


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