The Ugly Pup

here is the ugly pup, the first half of the story – you may of read before, as it has been published on here earlier in the year, but for those who may of forgot the storyline here is the whole story.

The Ugly Pup

This story is fiction, but as there are some truths in it, the names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent.

It’s about the most famous dog in the land of Dog World – so let’s start at the beginning; as that is the easiest part to start with – if I started at the end I’d get muddled and so would you!

In a time long ago, in land far away, that’s more than a bus journey or two so, it’s very far away! It is a cold dark snowy night and a lady dog is running through the streets carrying a basket that’s so well covered that you can’t see anything inside it. Now you may ask why was this happening. Why is such a well groomed lady out on a night such as this? She runs up to a door, puts the basket down on the step and knocks; then she runs off and hides beside a neighbouring building and peeps round the corner.

The door opens and a lady dog opens the door, she’s wearing a nurse’s uniform, she looks round and calls out “Hello is any one there?” The nurse looks round and still can’t see any one and steps back to close the door but as she does she looks down and sees the basket. A note is attached to it and she picks it up and starts to read it. “Please look after my pup; he will have a better life with you than he could ever have with me. But do not judge him for his looks or he will have no life at all, he’s not very pretty and may scare some people” Well, being nosy, the nurse had to look didn’t she – so she pulled the blanket back and gasped in horror at what she saw, letting out a scream she put the blanket back and was going to shut the door when a voice came from behind her: “What’s all the screaming about, Sister?”

The Sister turned to the voice and pointed to the basket “Look!” she squeaked, the Matron lifted the blanket “Oh poor little mite” she exclaimed, “What has happened to you?”

The Sister handed her the note and Matron read it and told the Sister to bring the basket in out of the cold “Oh, Alex, can’t we just close the door and hope that someone else comes along and picks up the basket?”

Matron, Alex, was shocked and angrily pointed out that this was the Dog World Orphanage, and no matter how deformed this poor little pup was, he had been committed to their care and he would be looked after. “I’ll personally take charge of him” and she took the basket from Sister and took him to her own private sitting room.

The mysterious lady watched the basket go into the orphanage and disappeared into the night ……………..

Alex kept her promise and looked after him herself. She called him Frankie, after her father, and made him a mask so that he could mix with all the other pups in the Orphanage. At least that’s what she hoped would happen. He had to eat his meals by himself because the mask had to come off, but Alex was optimistic that this wouldn’t matter too much.

It worked quite well whilst the pups were very little, but as they grew up and others came into the Orphanage things changed. One of the new comers was quite big for his age and quite a bully; Alex blamed it on his parents who had bullied him until they got fed up with him and moved towns leaving him behind.

Of course because Alex still kept her promise and looked after Frankie herself, Billy, the bully, called him Matron’s pet and kept picking on him – encouraging the other dogs to do the same.

Alex noticed Frankie was upset and called him into her sitting room, “What’s wrong Frankie?” she asked and watched as tears slipped down behind the mask. “Nothing” mumbled Frankie and turned to go, but Alex caught hold of his paw and asked him again adding “and why the tears?”

So Frankie poured out all his woes, how Billy was calling him Matron’s pet and Frankenstein’s monster because of his mask and that he was getting the other pups to do the same. Alex became very annoyed and was all for going straight to Billy and telling him off for picking on someone who was different, but Frankie begged her not too as it would probably make matters worse.

But Alex was having none of it; she left Frankie in her sitting room and went to find Billy. Seizing him by the ear, she marched him to her office and sat him in a chair in front of her desk. “Now Billy what’s wrong with you? I thought I’d taught you better than this, why are you picking on someone who is different to you? All pups here are the same under the skin and all should be treated the same, with respect not name calling. If I hear it happens again, you will be in serious trouble as all my pups that leave here get good jobs and live good live in Dog World, and they certainly don’t go round bullying because someone is smaller or different to themselves.”

For a while Billy behaved himself, but slowly he forgot Alex’s words and gathered a gang of younger dogs round him and they started pushing the other dogs around and bullying them and Billy became top dog in the orphanage because the other pups were too frightened of him to complain.

Then one day in the pups’ play room, Billy climbed on a chair and shouted to Frankie “Oi, monster, I bet no one’s seen your face under that mask – not even you – have you! I bet it’s so horrible that even your mum couldn’t bear the sight of you and that’s why she dumped you here”

Then Billy jumped off the chair and grabbed hold of Frankie and whispered “f you run and tell Matron, I’ll set my gang on to you”

Frankie ran off and hid, then he pulled himself together and went and knocked on Alex’s door and asked her to give him a mirror. Alex was surprised and worried and asked Frankie why but he just shrugged his shoulders and told her that it was time. Alex hesitated and asked again if Frankie was sure and he nodded and held his paw out for the mirror.

He held the mirror up to his face and slowly removed his mask ….. Alex held her breath and watched him.

He looked hard in to the mirror and cried out loud – “My face, my terrible face! Why didn’t you tell me that I looked so horrid! No one will ever, ever see my face again” and he pulled his mask down and smashed the mirror into hundreds of pieces and ran crying from the room.

Alex ran after him and found hiding in the cupboard under the stairs, “Oh Frankie, you’re still young you may grow into your face when you get older. Things won’t always seem this bad.”

Frankie shook his head, “No Matron this is the face I was born with and this how I will look forever.”

“So just because you’re not the best looking dog in the world, you are still a very talented dog. Look how you make things in carpentry and last week you mended my favourite chair and Dog World will always need craftsmen like you” Alex wiped his tears and secured his mask properly.

So for a couple of years things calmed down, Billy backed off and Frankie built himself a small workshop in the attic and repaired things and carved toys for the younger orphans. This made him quite popular and the youngsters stuck up for Frankie and the other pups left him alone as he always helped them when anything was broken.

But Billy became more and more jealous of Frankie’s popularity and was determined to become top dog again. He was bigger and stronger, so why wasn’t he the top dog – it wasn’t fair and he started to plan his revenge.

One nice summer’s day all the pups were outside enjoying the warm weather and playing sports or just sitting in the sun reading, now was Billy’s chance!

“Frankie come here” shouted Billy – Frankie walked over to Billy “What’s up” he asked, Billy grinned and said to his gang “Grab him”.

Frankie tried to run but they held him too tight and Billy swaggered up to him and said “Now I’m going to se what you are hiding under that mask” He grabbed Frankie by the ears and pulled the mask off!

The other pups, attracted by the scuffle and noise, had gathered round to see what was happening and as Billy pulled the mask right off they recoiled in horror, Billy laughed and said “see what hideous monster you’ve all been making friends with – now look at him – he’s not just ugly he’s a real Frankenstein’s Monster!”

One pup didn’t like what Billy had done to Frankie so he ran to fetch Matron and as he left he heard Billy encouraging the others to laugh at Frankie and call him names which made him run even faster.

By the time he had found her and they got back to where he had left them, Frankie had escaped from the bullies and, knocking Billy over had run out of the orphanage’s grounds with the laughter and insults still ringing in his ears.

Alex grabbed Billy up off the ground and demanded to know where Frankie was. Billy shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know, the monster ran off”

Alex looked at him and said “I hope he’s OK, because if he’s not you will pay for this publicly” Then she ran out of the grounds and called for him and night after night for several months she toured the area asking if any one had seen him ae.nd even after that her holidays were taken up by her never ending search for Frankie, the ugly pup, but she could never find him. But Alex, being a caring soul never gave up hope.

Three years have past, a little neglected house on the edge of the village became tidied up with the tiles replaced on the roof and a new front door and a tidy garden. No-one ever saw who lived there but occasionally a shadowy cloaked figure was seen going out in the dusk and coming back with a bag of groceries or other supplies.

However, this did not happen that often for any one who needed anything mended would drop it outside the little house and the next morning it would be back outside fixed! The villagers either left some money or groceries on the step in payment for it.

This had started just after the little house had been tidied up, a little boy had cried when his mother had thrown out his special chair because it had been broken and that night the stranger – yes you’ve guessed – Frankie had rescued it and repaired it and left it outside his door with a note saying that the owner could leave whatever payment they thought was right for the job.

One evening a pretty young lady dog was walking through the village when she saw the mysterious cloaked figure of a dog furtively creep out of the grocers and into the deepest shadows, this made her curious and so she went into the shop to find out what this was all about.

The shopkeeper was just about to lock up but being a polite dog, he answered her questions. He explained to the young lady that no-one knew his name or saw his face, but if anyone wanted anything mended they left it outside his door and the next day it was repaired and was as good as new. He told the young lady that the “Fixer” as they called him never spoke to anyone and even his shopping was written on a list and handed over with the money, so no-one knew him at all!

This intrigued the young lady so to see how it worked, she fetched a chair that needed a repair and put it outside Frankie’s door, but instead of leaving she waited and as the door opened, she smiled and said “Could you mend my chair please”

This surprised Frankie and he replied “Yes, I will mend the chair, come back tomorrow and it will be waiting for you”

The next day, the young lady came back and sure enough the chair looked as good as new and was standing outside Frankie’s front door. She knocked on the door and again Frankie opened it and the young lady said “Thank you for repairing the chair, but how much do I owe you?”

Frankie was surprised and just shrugged “People pay me what they think” he said.

“Well that’s not right” she insisted, “Let me come in and we can discuss a price”

Frankie reluctantly let the young lady in, keeping his cloak wrapped round himself so that only his eyes could be seen through the mask. Looking round, she noticed how dark it was, only two little candles, no mirrors and the heavy curtains closed against the light.

“Oh it’s so dark in here”; “Light enough for me to repair things” replied Frankie.

The young lady introduced herself as Tinkerbelle and asked if she could bring other items to be repaired as she lived in quite a big house and her father just threw stuff out when it was broken. Frankie replied that he would mend anything that she brought round, little realising that Tinkerbelle intended to come in with each item.

Over the next few months they became quite good friends, but Frankie kept his cloak wrapped round himself and Tinkerbelle could not see him properly at all. His voice was soft and gentle – so what was he hiding?

Then one day she found the ideal way, she knocked on Frankie’s door and exclaimed “Look what I’ve got!”

Frankie looked and saw it was an invitation to a masked ball and it was tomorrow night!

“I can’t go” panicked Frankie,

“Why not?”

“I don’t know anyone and I don’t mix with people very well”

“Nonsense! You know me and we get on very well and I’m insisting that you go, it will let me pay you back for all the times I’ve been here” stated Tinkerbelle “And you will not let me down”

Frankie finally agreed, he did not want to lose her friendship so they arranged to meet up at 8 o’clock the following night at the palace.

Desperate not to let her down Frankie found a good suit to buy and made himself an elaborate mask. The villagers were all talking, the fixer was a good enough dog, but what on earth did such a beautiful young lady see in him?

Frankie heard none of this as he joined the throng of all those going in, he still had a cloak on over his suit as he felt protected from prying eyes. He showed his invitation at the door and was allowed to pass into the palace.

Then he saw her, Tinkerbelle looked so beautiful that Frankie felt breathless! She took his cloak and handed it to a passing footman and said “My, my don’t you scrub up well, you look positively handsome, Frankie”

Frankie lowered his head, he knew that could never be true, but mustering up some courage from behind the mask, he replied jokingly, “If only, Tinkerbelle, if only! But you look gorgeous”

Theevening passed swiftly and although there was a buffet, Frankie did not risk taking any food and suddenly it was midnight and the band leader stopped the music and announced “My Lords, Ladies and Gentlefolk, it is midnight – the time to unmask”

Frankie was petrified – he couldn’t take the mask off, he just couldn’t do instead he turned and ran from the room, ran from the palace and seeing a horse borrowed it and reached the safety of his own home.

Next morning, a loud hammering woke Frankie from his restless sleep and gong to the door he was confronted by the County Sheriff, who barged in and accused him of stealing the horse. Frankie tried to explain that he’d only borrowed it and had meant to return it this morning.

However the Sheriff would not listen and dragged Frankie out of his house into the street, “The punishment for stealing a horse is 12 lashes” grinned the Sheriff and Frankie looked at him horrified. It was Billy!

“You were always a bully, weren’t you Billy?” gasped Frankie.

Billy laughed, “Yes maybe I was, but it’s me who’s in charge here and there’s no matron to save you.”

Two of his deputies grabbed Frankie to tie him to a tree and Billy raised the whip as he was about to bring it down on Frankie for the second time, a carriage drew up with a clatter.

“Stop” came the voice from within and Tinkerbelle rushed from the carriage and shouted “On the command of the Princess you are not to do this”

Billy bowed before her and said “But madam, he stole a horse”

Frankie shook his head, “I borrowed it, I tried to tell them that I was going to return it today”

Tinkerbelle went up to Frankie and ordered them to untie him as they did he slipped to the ground and Tinkerbelle knelt down beside him and nursed his head in her paws.

“What have you done to him?” she cried;

“Only what he deserved” said Billy defiantly as his cohorts backed away from him.

“Always was a bully” mumbled one of them “He always picked on Billy in the orphanage and he’s bullied his way to be top dog as Sheriff”

“Well that’s got to stop, we don’t tolerate bullies in this kingdom and you, Billy, will be taken and put in a re-training centre and kept there until you’ve learnt the error of your ways, which I think will be for a long, long time”

Looking down at Frankie, Tinkerbelle noticed that he was very pale and blood was trickling from his mouth under the mask. She took hold of the laces that held the mask in place and started to untie it, Frankie’s paws grasped her to stop her.

“But you are bleeding, I must see where it is coming from to clean it up and stop the bleeding” insisted Tinkerbelle.

Frankie pleaded with her but she shook his paws off and gently removed the mask. Frankie’s paws went straight to his face and tried to cover it.

Tinkerbelle laughed and said “Silly boy, let me see where the blood is” and she gently lifted one paw at a time to clean him up. “I can see why you wore that mask” she smiled “without it you would have had all the girls in the kingdom chasing you!”

Frankie gaped at her; what on earth can she mean, he was ugly! Tinkerbelle bent down and placed a gentle kiss on the cut, “You are the most handsome dog I have ever seen. I am so glad I got to know you before or people would be saying I only loved you for your looks”

The servants with her helped him into the carriage and they went back to the palace, where Tinkerbelle introduced him to her father – the King!

The King looked at him and said “You have a resemblance to the late Lord Toby whose only son disappeared mysteriously years ago. His wife went out one night with the baby and ended up in a convent without him. No-one knows what happened, but it looks like we may have solved the mystery!”

Frankie still could not believe it all was happening as several months later a church full of dignitaries and villagers watched Princess Tinkerbelle walk up the aisle to her husband to be, Lord Franklyn Toby.

Two elderly ladies sat in the congregation, both with tears in their eyes as they watched them take their vows. One looked at the other and whispered “You were right Alex, he did grow into his face – and what a handsome face it turned out to be”

Alex nodded through her tears and watched the happy couple walk down the aisle and followed them out into the sunshine where she was gathered up into a big bear hug; “Oh Alex, I’m so pleased you could make it, you are the nearest thing to a mother I’ve ever had”

Alex just smiled happy at her “ugly pup” with the handsome face and wished them all the joy in the world.


5 responses to “The Ugly Pup


  2. james is really pleased you like this story, he had to delve into his past to write it, this story was out of his comfort zone, thanks for reading


  4. Your dad is a genius and a great story teller!!

  5. Wonderful Story

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