A Search For Santa

The Search For Santa

Toney was  cleaning out his kennel -he thought he better as his lovely wife to be was due over any time, he had already filled 3 bin bags, he looked around his kennel making sure he hadn’t missed anything,  he noticed the picture of Little Mo  which was hanging on the wall, and began to day dream about their forth coming wedding and Little Mo gliding down the aisle towards him, she was singing – she had a voice like an angel…… Then his daydream was broken by him hearing a noise – what was that? He thought what was that,  then he heard it again  – ring – it was his dog mobile ringing “Hello Toney here” a voice came back, “Hello Toney it is Albert here I wonder if you can help me and  Findley?”  “What is the problem little buddy?” replied Toney.  Albert replied “Well you know Findley and I go to puppy school we were talking about what we want father Christmas to bring us – then one of the older dogs told us there is no such thing as Father Christmas  never  bought  any presents  for him, and Father Christmas is just a myth”  Toney was shocked to hear what Albert was saying and said “That older dog is lying – Santa Claus always brings me lots of squeaky toys and a nice juicy bone every Christmas”

Albert asked “Who is Santa Claus?”  “Sorry” Toney apologised,  “Little buddy that is what we call Father Christmas over here”  Albert said “Oh  – but have you ever met him?”  Toney replied “Yes – one year I was laying in front of the fire when all of a sudden it went out, and I saw these big black boots in the hearth – I looked up and I saw Santa dressed in red but I could not see his face because his large belly  was in the way, but he bent down and patted  my head and I saw his face he had a big white beard and white hair and big red rosy cheeks and the kindest face you can imagine and Santa said to me ho ho ho merry Christmas Toney and placed a big juicy bone beside me then he went over to the Christmas tree and placed lots of presents under it from the sack he had been carrying, he then patted my head again and disappeared up the chimney – that is how I know there is a Santa”  Albert said “That’s what Findley and I want to do – meet Father Christmas until then we will not believe”  Toney replied “If that is what it is going to take I will take you and Findley to meet him – he lives in the North Pole,  I will call you later with the details on how I will get you there”  Little Albert replied “Awwww  thank you Toney – I will tell Findley we are going on a big trip to meet Father Christmas”  Toney said “Call you later little buddy bye” As he switched off the phone he thought to himself to get two young pups to the North Pole  I am gonna need help and I will need it fast, Toney reached  for his little black book with all his friends phone numbers.

The phone call – Toney was thinking  who could he call to help him then Toney had an idea who he would call but  he didn’t know if the friend he wanted to call had forgiven him about the bloomer incident, but Toney knew he could sweet talk anyone.  So he took a deep breath and picked up his doggy mobile and dialled a number – put his phone to his ear – the could hear the other phone ringing then he heard a voice – “Hello Ted the Ed here news hound of doggy snaps how can I help you?” “Hi Ted  – Toney here I wonder if you could help me” Ted replied “Hello Yankee doodle dandy I don’t know if I can help you after the knicker thief thing “  Toney replied “But ~Teddy that photo of you wearing bloomers did have a slimming effect on you and they made you look like a babe magnet”  Ted replied “Ooooh do you really think so” Toney replied “I don’t think so – I know so, all the laydees were asking me – who’s that hunk in that pic” Ted said “Oh go on then – how can I help you?” Toney said  “Well someone told Albert and Findley there was no Santa Claus and they would not believe unless I take them to the North Pole to meet him so I said I would because you and I know that santa is real”  Ted said “Of course father Christmas is real – but are you mad taking two young pups to the North Pole and father christmas lives in an invisible village with all his elves so how will you find that?”  Toney replied “Well I hoped you would help  to get them over there then we could go from there” Ted said “Well I can see you are serious – I will have to get more of our friends to help us”  “Who” asked Toney.  Ted replied “Well Little Mo, and Albert’s godparents Shadow and Max and Gimlet and me of course” Toney replied “Very good suggestions – hope you can get them all over here” Ted added “One more I will have to contact is Jenny  – she is very well connected and she should able to organise the flight and all of the equipment we will need – and she secretly fancies me and will do anything for me especially as we can deliver her present list to father Christmas”  Toney replied “Excellent” Ted said I’ll call you later with all the details so bye for now Toney” Who replied “Bye Ted – lets put this plan into action”

Toney was packing  his warm clothes, then his phone began to ring, so Toney picked it up and said “Hello”  A voice came back “Hiya Yankee doodle dandiest is me Teddy the hunk and babe magnet esquire” Toney replied “Hi Ted” thinking to himself  with a smile what an ego Ted had.  Teddy replied “Right – this is what Jenny has organised for us – we catch the dog air flight to New York and we land at JFK at 15.00 then we have to meet hot lips Zahli at Long Beach she has a very powerful ice cutter boat that we get us near the North Pole – then we meet Ella and Apollo and Ella who will take us the rest of the way – don’t ask me why Ella and Apollo are out there – only Jenny knows the answer” Toney asked “Is Jenny coming with us?”  “No” replied Ted “She said it is to darn cold out there – she will be by the fire plus she has some Mata Hari work to do, she has sorted this for us and the rest of the dogs are coming and there is a dog mobile picking up Albert and Findley and Jenny got one for me and the others as well to go to Gatwick to catch the flight, best go I heard a horn”  Toney said “This is great – can you thank Jenny for me next time you see her” Ted said “She  only did it coz she fancies me – I best go I heard that horn again” “See ya when you get here – bye Ted” replied Toney.  Ted put the phone down and ran out to the dog mobile – he jumped in and the dog mobile took off at great speed Ted greeted everyone and Gimlet said “This is great  – we are all going to meet father christmas” Little Mo said “We had all better listen to the driver he has instructions from Jenny” Everyone was quiet and the driver said “Jenny has put humans clothes in for you – you have to put them on so you can get through the airport customs ok, what  you do is stand on each others shoulders –  except for Max  – he is tall enough  to wear  the  clothes – you better get ready – we are nearly there”  The dog mobile stopped – they had arrived a Gatwick Airport, then another dog mobile pulled up  – the door opened and Albert and Findley ran over to meet them.  Max said “Ted if Gimlet jumps on your shoulders, Albert on Little Mo’s shoulders and Findley  on Shadows shoulders and we will support one another walking”  So that’s what they did, they went behind some trees so they could climb on each others shoulders  with drawing attention to themselves.  “Ted said “Trust you Gimlet to choose the laydees clothes and stop wiggling about up there – Gimlet have you trumped it does stink?” “No I have not trumped” giggled Gimlet, “And stop moaning you will give us away” then they heard “Psssst psssst over here” They looked to see Foxy wearing  a pilots uniform – they all wobbled after him “Ted said “you are not flying us are you?”  Foxy replied “Of course I am  you cheeky so and so – by the way where are you Ted  I can hear you but I cannot see you”   Gimlet pointed down to the skirt that he and Ted were wearing   – Foxy laughed and said “Come around here and take those clothes off you lot do look funny” So  they all removed the clothes that Jenny supplied, Findley said “So we are  going to meet father Christmas” “Yes” replied Foxy “You are and while you are there you can give him Jess and It’s christmas list” Albert replied “I will give it to him I promise”  They all boarded the plane and fastened their seat belts and Foxy’s voice came over the tannoy  “Good Morning Laydees and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, Jess will be your  trolley dolly today  she will serve you drinks and look after you, the weather is fine and we will land on schedule at JFK – enjoy the flight”  Jess began serving drinks and asked “Shadow  are you ok – would you like a drink?  “Yes please  – but not for Albert he is asleep”  Then Ted said “Trolley dolly over here heehee”  Jess went over to Ted and said “Yes” Ted replied “I will have a drink”  Jess gave Ted a drink and spilt some over him “You did that on purpose” Jess said “Who me hee hee”  The plane landed at JFK, they got out of the planet, then a big dog  mobile pulled up and Toney got out gave Little Mo a big hug and turned to them all and said “Welcome to the Big Apple” Max looked around and said “Well where is it?” Toney replied “Where’s what?” “My  big apple – where is I am starving”

They all jumped in the big dog mobile, Toney said “Right what have we got  to do next?” Ted said “I know” as he got out  the envelope that Jenny had sent him, but on the envelope it said in big letters PLEASE HAND TO TONEY, Gimlet saw the envelope and said “Haha – you thought you were gonna be in charge”  Ted handed the envelope to Toney and  said “Shut up Gimlet!” Little Mo said “You two behave yourselves – you are acting like pups!” Gimlet and Ted apologised to each other.  Toney, looking important – opened the envelope and read aloud “We have to meet Hot Lips aka Zahli at Long Beach…….”Little Mo gave Toney a funny look, Toney protested “Little Mo I am only reading what it says here – honest”  Little Mo said “That’s ok then”  Toney continued “Hot Lips – oops I meant Zahli has a ice cutter boat – she will take us near the North Pole” Max said “We best set off then” The dog mobile set off at speed, Shadow sighed “I didn’t even have time to powder my nose” Little Mo agreed.  Albert and Findley were looking out of the window, Findley asked “Why are the buildings so tall”  “I know” said Albert, “There are so many people living here – that is why the buildings are so tall” Toney laughed and said “Well little dudes, people don’t live there, they are offices where people work and the higher up the sky scraper you work the more important you are”  Findley said “I would not like to be the boss” Max asked “Why not?” Findley replied “Well if the lifts broke down think of all those stairs you would have to climb up and down” Max laughed “That is making me sweat thinking about it” the dog mobile began to slow down, Toney said “We are here” The driver said “Jenny has told me to tell you the boat is in the third row along, second boat in, all the dogs got out of the dog mobile, Shadow said “ Albert, do you want to hold my paw and Findley  you can hold Little Mo’s paw, Ted said “Can I hold your paw – Shadow?”, Shadow said “No – you are old enough to look after your self” Gimlet said “Ted – you can hold my paw – hehe” Ted called Gimli’s bluff and grabbed his paw, they all laughed.  The dogs walked to the third row along, and they heard Zahlis voice “Gooday mates – hope you all have your sea legs – come aboard” All the dogs boarded the boat, “We best set off” said Zahli.  Gimlet said “why do they call you hot lips” Zahli went up to Gimlet and gave him a kiss.  Gimlet blushed,  Ted said “Hahahaha” Little Mo said “Findley and Albert you had better go to your cabin and try to sleep because we have a long sail ahead”

Findley and Albert woke up – and went to find Zahli, and Findley said “Are we there yet?” Zahli looked at the two pups and said with a smile and replied “No mates. You were only asleep  for half hour”  Albert asked “So Zahli – do you believe in Father Christmas?”  “Of course I do” replied Zahli, Findley asked “How does he deliver presents in Australia? – as you have your summer when we have our winter and there is no snow?” Zahli replied “The same way he delivers presents all over the world – in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, but some people think when santa comes to Australia – he uses kangaroos – but I know that is not true because kangaroos hop and they would hop santa out of his sleigh hehe”Albert said “Do you know the names of his reindeer?  Zahli replied “yes I do, they are called – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner or it could be Donner, Blitzen and we mustn’t forget Rudolph the red nosed  reindeer” Albert and Findley looked at Zahli in awe thinking how clever she was knowing all the reindeers names.  Then Shadow  called “Hey Zahli – I thought this boat was powerful but it seems to be going really slow”  Zahli laughed “Well I did not want to scare you sheilas” Little Mo said “Don’t worry about that Shadow and I are tough laydees”  Zahli said “Ok girls hold on tight” She pushed the throttle down for more power and the boat sped up rather quickly, Shadow and Little Mo clung to each other and screamed.  Zahli laughed and said “Scream if you want to go faster heehee” Shadow and Little Mo laughed then screamed for more”  They were sailing for a couple of days Ted  said “Hasn’t it got cold”  Toney agreed and Max said “It makes me think of ice cream” Zahli asked Toney to the bridge

And gave him another envelope and some warm clothes that Jenny  had sent to her, Toney took the clothes down and handed them out, Toney removed the paper from the envelope and began to read aloud. But he was interrupted by Ted laughing.  Toney said “What’s up Teddy?” Ted replied still sniggering “I dared Gimlet to stick out his tongue and put it on the side of the boat, and he did and now his tongue  is stuck to the side that is icy”  Shadow said   “hat was rotten of you”  Max went and got some lukewarm water and tipped a little over poor Gimli’s tongue, Gimlet was now free – he spluttered with his tongue still hanging out of his mouth “I suppose you think that was funny” “Ted grinned “Yes” Toney continued to read Jenny’s note “As we are nearly there, we have to meet Apollo and Ella they have a sleigh and will pull us the rest of the way, Jenny says rather us than her hehe as it will be blooming freezing out there, yours Jenny”  Then Zahli shouted “I can see Ella and Apollo over there” Zahli slowed the boat and tried to drop the anchor through the thick ice, and said “We are here mates and can you give santa my list please?”  Findley said “I will”  They all thanked Zahli and got off her boat, and went to where Ella and Apollo were waiting and got in the sleigh and covered themselves in the thick blanket that was there. Apollo said “Are we all ready then – then off we go” Apollo and Ella began to trot and Little Mo began to sing “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way.

As they were going along Ted asked Apollo and Ella “Why are you two out here” Apollo replied “We were checking out the ice hotel for our  honeymoon” Little Mo asked “What was it like, Toney and I might go there?” Apollo said “Er er er” Ella said “Lets tell them the truth – they won’t tell anyone” “Go on then” replied Apollo.  Ella explained “We were sent out here by mata hair… oh oops I meant Jenny, to see if we could find Santa’s village and ask father christmas if Jenny could have her presents early this year” Max laughed “Cheeky Jenny” Apollo said “Well you know Jenny she does not like waiting, then we got a message to come and meet you lot” Findley said to Albert “If mata hair believes in santa – he must be real” Albert agreed. Ted said “She only did this for me because she really does fancy the socks off me”  Gimlet said “Don’t let Jenny hear you say that coz she is really handy with a sirloin steak”  Toney asked Apollo “Do you know which way to go- everything looks the same here?” Apollo replied “Yes I know which way to go – Jenny has supplied us with a sat nav and she has put the coordinates in”  Then a big snow storm set in and Ella said “you lot had better get under the blankets”  Shadow asked “Will you two be ok? “Ella replied “We will be fine we are wearing our thermals” They all snuggled into their blankets, they seemed to be under there for ages, then suddenly they stopped, Toney and Max popped their heads up from under the blanket, Toney said “Why have we stopped?” Ella replied “We have walked into something”  Max got out of the sleigh and walked up to Apollo and put his paw out and said “Yes you are right, there is something there but I can’t see it” Little Mo said “Has it has stopped snowing?” Toney replied “Yes – why?” Little Mo replied “Well if you remember only pups can see Santa’s invisible village”  So Albert and Findley got out of the sleigh and looked really hard and Albert said excitedly “Yes -yes I can see little cottages and a big place in the distance – they must make the toys there – can you see it Findley?” Findley said “Yes I can see it and I can see something else” “What can you see little buddy” asked Toney.  Findley replied “I can see a door bell – it is by Ella – shall I ring it?” Everyone said yes.  Findley rang the bell and they waited – then the a big door opened and there was a little elf standing there and the little elf said “Please come in” So all the dogs and horses saw the village – it was beautiful and magical – like you see in dreams.  Then the elf said “Please come with me – he has been expecting you” They all followed the little elf, Albert and Findley were beginning to get excited, the elf led them through the village to the toy factory where all the other elves were busy making all the toys – then they went into a big room – there was a big man sitting at a desk with a very big list on it, he was dressed in red and had a very kind jolly face and a big white beard.  Findley and Albert’s eyes were nearly bulging out of their heads.  Findley asked nervously “Aaaaare yyyou ffffarther Christmas?”  The big jolly looking man smiled at the little pup and replied “Yes I am” Findley and Albert  ran up to him and gave him a big hug. Albert said “Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” “No” smiled father Christmas “Go ahead” Albert asked “Have you always dressed in red?” Father christmas replied “No not always, I used to be dressed in green then in the 1920s a popular soft drinks company put me on their bottles dressed in red so I like the colour red so I decided to keep it, I think it looks very fetching” Findley asked “How do you know your naughty and nice list is always right?” Father christmas replied “Throughout the year I send my elves out, they sit on the roof and listen to see if you are  being good and I always check twice” Albert said “The last question is – how do you deliver all those presents in one night?”  Father Christmas replied “ Well there are two things that help me, the first is the international date line and there are a few who don’t celebrate Christmas ,and two some Christmas magic” Father Christmas reached down beside him and gave them all a present each and said “I am sorry – I have to go – I have instructed my elves to give Ella and Apollo some magic food so you can fly home, before they left, they gave santa all the Christmas lists from Zahli, Jenny, Jess and Foxy, so they all said good bye, Albert and Findley thanked  Toney for everything he had done, they all jumped in the sleigh and Ella and Apollo took off into the air. Little Mo said “We are flying”  little Mo hugged Findley, Toney hugged Albert, Shadow hugged Max, and Gimlet tried to give Teddy a hug and Ted said get off, They all went home happy and full of seasonal cheer.


4 responses to “A Search For Santa

  1. Great story, your Dad has a fantastic talent!

  2. Harbor & Jodie

    Great story!

  3. Special K's and Mommy

    We loved this Christmas story, It sure puts a happy twist on a doggies Christmas … Thanks for sharing your talent !!


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