Spot the Difference

a good ole fashioned spot the difference game, answers next month


16 responses to “Spot the Difference

  1. I found nine but bet their was 10…lol


  3. missnottelling

    I found 14…

  4. We have found 14 too

  5. 15 found, boom

  6. seon and fiona

    we got 15

  7. Try crossing your eyes so you get a third stereoscopic image in the middle. This makes spotting the differences very easy once you get the hang of it =)

  8. we found 15

  9. i found 15

  10. I found 12…

  11. i found 15 is that all of them

  12. found only nine

  13. Mihir Kumar Roy

    there are only 15 becausee the two things with fa ces on the cupboard are replacing only 1 bowl

  14. Mihir Kumar Roy

    sorry the previous anonimous is me and there are really 15

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