donations for twinkle and skyes family

Millies mum has kindly let me repost her pawfile for twinkle and skyes dad, all paws and fingers are crossed for allan

Katie and I, and the Special K’s are starting a fundraiser for Twinkle and Skye’s Daddyman, who as you may have heard had been diagnosed with cancer and the prognisis given today is just dreadful.  Mama Lynn is waiting to talk to more doctors tomorrow about a possible treatment in Texas but he still has a surgery for a blood clot and more tests to perform before they know if he will even be accepted.  Their family is going to be facing many expenses in the coming months and even though we might not be able to raise a million dollars, I’m sure that whatever we can come up with will be greatly appreciated.  Daddyman was the sole provider for the family and they JUST moved into their first house, so this is just terrible timing (as if there even IS a good time for this kind of news!)  I know that this is coming on the heels of Christmas and most people are just tapped out, but if you could spare the smallest amount…I’m sure that it would help with any hotel bills or grocery bills that Mama Lynn might have.  Dig deep friends…we have a pal in desperate need right now…


UPDATE: DADDYMAN was ACCEPTED into the treatment program in Texas and hopefully he will be going there sometime this week to begin treatment.  We will be going down to Mississippi soon to pick up Twink and Skye and they will be staying here with us, safe and sound, until Mama Lynn and Daddyman can care for them.  We will make sure that those bebes are spoiled and petted on just like Mama Lynn does it!


P.s.  You can make any checks out to my Mummy and mail them to her…she will write down your promised amount and take the cash money with her when she goes to pick up Twinkle and Skye.  You can also send a donation through Paypal if that is easier for you…Pee mail us for further info.

Kisses and hugs,

Millie, Katie, Elvis, Sophie….Mummy and Daddy too


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