Personalized Jewelry for Dog Lovers!, by Tinygirl

Personalized Jewelry for Dog Lovers!

Pulitzer prize winning American novelist, Edith Wharton, expertly summarized her relationship with her dog when she said, “My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” Dog lovers everywhere relate to her sentiment and actively seek new ways to express their love for their furry friends. Thanks to artist, Karen Fogg, animal devotees can now literally wear their love for their beloved canine companions for all to see.

“I love dogs, as so many people do,” Karen said. “So I decided to go with that on jewelry.”

And go with that she did! Since first creating personalized earrings and pendants in 2005, Karen’s line of jewelry has become a popular sell on Ebay as well as on her website

A self-trained artist, Karen has always painted portraits, “people-type subjects” in oils, and has enjoyed success at art shows. Painting emerged a constant in her life, and for a time, she taught oil painting. For thirty years, Karen hand-engraved on optical lens blanks and used them as lids for trinket boxes, which she also made. Utilizing a tool similar to a dentist’s drill, Karen put two lenses together and engraved on all four sides of the lenses to create a multi-dimensional effect, using flowers, fantasy, landscapes, and dogs as subjects. Through selling her wares to stores, art and dog shows, Karen realized the great affection people have for their pets and soon discovered a personal love for making jewelry that featured pictures of peoples’ pets.

Crafting personalized jewelry is meticulous work. There is no “magic fix,” Karen explained. Working from a photograph provided by the customer, Karen strives to capture “the real essence of someone’s loved and treasured pet.” She does all work by hand.

“I’m an artist,” Karen said. “So I paint a lot into these custom images and never forget to put that sparkle in their (the pets’) eyes.”

Sadly, a lot of what Karen does is for people who have lost their beloved pets, a painful experience Karen knows first-hand.

“I lost my sweet dachshund in 2005,” Karen shared. “It was a hard one for me. I had her footprint in clay that my vet made for me, and I treasure it still. I had to make myself a sun catcher with her face for my kitchen window, and then a pendant with her image. It made me feel better. I know what my customers go through that lost their best buddies, and I’m happiest to give them something to treasure.”

Karen Fogg’s treasures these days are many. At 67 years of age, she has five “terrific” sons, sixteen grandchildren, and three great-great grandchildren. She also has two dachshunds, one six years of age, and another seven years.

“My babies,” she said. “Yeah, I’m one of those!”

Being “one of those,” as dog lovers know, is a wonderful, gratifying experience. Karen’s beautiful artistry and sensitivity now make it possible for dog lovers to share their affection for the beloved “heartbeat” at their feet.

To find out more about Karen’s work, or to place an order (Easter! Mother’s Day! And shipping is free!) log onto, or search seller kfogg on ebay. Karen has generously agreed to give a 20% discount to all Dogpawfile members who place an order!


One response to “Personalized Jewelry for Dog Lovers!, by Tinygirl

  1. Great article ~~I am crazy for these charms! Tiny Girl gifted me these and i’ve worn them nearly every day since receiving them. I’ve received many compliments on them. Truly they are a gift from Tiny Girl’s heart to my heart. Thank you again, Tiny bebe! (((hugs)))

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