Book Review by the Colorado Canines


A Book Review Column by The Colorado Canines and Jodene

A Dog’s Purpose

A Novel for Humans

by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog’s Purpose is a delightful and poignant journey of one very special dog who traverses through multiple lives to find his ultimate purpose.  While the entire book is written in a dog’s voice and chronicles his mission to find his purpose as a canine, the text compels the readers  to ponder their own purpose in this short life.  The book suggests that a dog’s life is not really over when illness, euthanasia, or other life complications intervene.  Rather, until the dog finds his true reason for existing in this life, he is reborn with a new identity and his life takes a new course.  Valuable lessons and experiences  enrich him and help him pass through each new life until he finds the true meaning of his existence beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This story is unique,  with interspersed moments of hilarity (think of the experience of neutering or spaying in a dog’s voice)as well as many moments  that are touching and sad.  Most notable, though, is the hope that this book brings to the dog lover.  Anyone who has loved and lost a dog will be comforted by this book,  perhaps in a way that nothing else might.  It is guaranteed that you will never look at your dog in the same way again.

What is this dog’s purpose?  Read this can’t-put-down book to find out.  Along the way, you will also find that true friends are always with us and that love never dies.  Most importantly, you will learn that every creature on this Earth does have a purpose.

The Colorado Canines give this book six enthusiastic paws up!

Jodene gives this book 5 stars out of five!

Join us next month for a review of Huck, another wonderful doggy book!


5 responses to “Book Review by the Colorado Canines

  1. Love the review, sounds like a must read! Thanks!!

  2. Twinkle & Skye

    Oooooo ~our mama has gotz to read this book!!! thank you for this great book report.

  3. Jodie & Harbor

    I’m a big reader and always looking for a good book.Thank you for the review I’ll have to look for this book.


  5. I love to read and I love dogs, so this sounds like a must read for me.

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