BOOK NOTES AND PAW VOTES by The Colorado Canines and Jodene


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The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family

— and a Whole Town– About Hope and Happy Endings

by Janet Elder

Huck is very simply a story about a boy and his dog.  However, this story is far more than simple.   Janet Elder, senior editor of the New York Times, chronicles her struggle with cancer, the relief of remission, and a very special reward for the  family in the form of a precious little puppy named Huck.  The main theme of the story, though, is the coming together of family and strangers to find Huck after he shimmies under a fence and becomes lost.

Michael, Elder’s son, had campaigned for years for his very own puppy.  His favorite toy was a stuffed dog and he was only interested in books about dogs with McDuff being his book of choice.  He even created a PowerPoint presentation entitled  “A Childhood Without a Dog is a Sad Thing.”  The family lived in an apartment in New York City which was the rationale for the family to remain dog-less.  However, when Elder is diagnosed with cancer and the family begins the arduous journey of treatment and related stress, it is decided that once it was all over, Michael would get his dog. The new puppy signified hope to a family devastated by cancer.

Huck comes to the family on a Thanksgiving weekend and it is love at first sight for Michael.  In only a short amount of time, Huck also steals the hearts of Elder and her husband, Rich.  In the spring, the family plans a trip to Florida and it was decided that Huck would stay with Michael’s aunt in Ramsey, New Jersey.  All seemed to be going well until Huck slips through the backyard fence.  Thus begins the frantic search for a little puppy lost in an area completely foreign to him with threats of predators, swamps and freezing temperatures.  The family returns to launch their desperate quest  and they are soon joined by gracious townspeople in the single effort to find Huck.

This book is well written and captures the readers’ attention immediately.  It will charm you with Michael’s relentless attempts to convince his parents that he has to have a dog and delight you when he finally does receive his perfect little puppy.  Finally, it will renew your faith in human beings when you witness the kindness of strangers and their enduring efforts to help find Huck.

The Colorado Canines give Huck six paws up!

Jodene gives Huck four and a half stars out of five!

Next time we will review Rex in the City, another great doggy book about a rescue dog plunged into the frenzied world of New York City!


2 responses to “BOOK NOTES AND PAW VOTES by The Colorado Canines and Jodene

  1. Jodie & Harbor

    Sounds like a very good read, love a good dog story!

  2. Suzanne n Tyler

    I will definitely check out this book. I love the true stories about dogs.

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