book review by lynne

Puppy in the Pulpit
written by Raelene Phillips

Puppy in the Pulpit is an inspiring book about the dog-child of a pastor and his wife. You will fall in love with Dixie Lee, a Schnoodle who does much to teach and inspire in ways many of us also see in our own dogs. Dog lovers are amazed at the unconditional love dogs give freely, a reflection of how our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of us. Raelene Phillips observes this and the other wisdoms Dixie lives. Puppy training books were not written for teddy bear loving Dixie and it wasn’t long before Raelene figured this out and threw her’s away. Dixie will quickly endear herself to you and if you haven’t already found the way to enjoy a good and happy life, Dixie will show you how.


3 responses to “book review by lynne

  1. Jodie & Harbor

    Sounds like a very good read!

  2. Sounds pawcious!! We have got to get this one!



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