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A Book Review Column by The Colorado Canines and Jodene

REX and the CITY
A Memoir of a Woman, a Man and a Dysfunctional Dog
by Lee Harrington

REX and the CITY is a delightful memoir written with wit and honesty. Lee Harrington chronicles the trials and tribulations of rescuing a shelter dog, and the joy and satisfaction of his evolution into a happy, loving dog. This memoir is a love story for humans and animals alike.

Harrington and live-in boyfriend, Ted, adopt Rex on a whim. They had contemplated getting a dog for some time, but admitted to each other that they really were not ready for the commitment–to a dog or each other. However, on their way home from a dinner with a friend, they decide to stop at a shelter to “just look.” Ted immediately falls in love with Rex, a setter/spaniel, and they decide to take the plunge.

The fun begins when they get home and realize that Rex is anything but the idyllic grateful, loving pup they expected. Rex does not like his new owners, other people, other dogs, or New York City. While the couple might be criticized for not doing their homework before adopting Rex, no one could find fault with their efforts to help Rex feel at home and part of the family. They read every book they can and talk to other dog owners to aid them in helping Rex become a real, well-adjusted dog. Along the way, the couple’s lives change from carefree and fun to stay-at-home parents with a new “baby.” There are moments of doubt and anger, but their love for Rex and each other is their incentive to keep trying. In addition to changing Rex’s life, their relationship is transformed by this experience. Their commitment to Rex solidifies their commitment to each other.

As a parent of rescue dogs, I can attest to the difficulties of adoption. Rescue dogs need time, patience and endless love to help them learn to trust enough to allow themselves to become happy, free-spirited dogs. This book truly depicts the problems and rewards of rescuing a dog. As stated by a reviewer for the Chronogram:
“This fetching memoir will satisfy anybody who’s ever been owned by a dog.”

The Colorado Canines give REX and the CITY six paws up!
Jodene gives REX and the CITY four and a half stars out of five!

Join us next month for another review of a book written especially for dogs and dog-lovers!


3 responses to “book review by the colorado canines

  1. Suzanne n Tyler

    I can’t wait to read this book with my own rescued, dysfunctional dog by my side. 🙂



  3. Twinkle & Skye

    oh it looks great!!! bol thank you!

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