BOOK NOTES AND PAW VOTES by colarado canines and jodene


A Book Review Column by The Colorado Canines and Jodene


A Chet and Bernie Mystery

by Spencer Quinn

Meet Chet, a clever mutt with one white ear and one black ear who serves as the engaging narrator of Dog on It, the first in a series of Chet and Bernie mysteries set in an unnamed Western state.  Chet is the astute partner to his human, PI Bernie Little, owner of the Little Detective Agency.  Together they form  the perfect pair–solving mysteries and entertaining two-legged and four-legged readers alike.

Chet and Bernie undertake the task of recovering a kidnapped honor student , Madison.   But has she been kidnapped?  Chet and Bernie are approached with the case after Madison’s frantic, divorced mother turns up on their doorstep pleading for help.  Because Bernie is short on cash, he takes the case even though it is not the type of case he prefers.  The girl turns up the next day and the incident could easily be dismissed as typical teenage behavior, but her story doesn’t add up and then she disappears a second time.  Thus, a full blown investigation ensues which includes trips to biker bars, Las Vegas, and remote areas of the desert.

Be prepared to be entertained by the humor, but also gripped by equal doses of intrigue and danger.  Both partners are intelligent, savvy,  and definitely complement each other as a well-matched crime solving team.

Chet charms us with his witty and sometimes droll commentary.  He is intensely loyal to Bernie, and Bernie is devoted to Chet–both characters are appealing to readers.  We enjoyed the book so much that we had to dig up the subsequent books in this series.  In the future, look for reviews of Thereby Hangs a Tail, To Fetch a Thief, and the soon to be released, The Dog Who Knew Too MuchYou don’t have take our word for it, read what best-selling mystery writer, Stephen King says about Dog on It:

“Spencer Quinn speaks two languages–suspense and dog–fluently.  Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and in a few places terrifying.  Dog on It has got more going for it than fifty of those cat cozies.  The best thing about the book is Chet, a canine Sam Spade full of joie de vivre.  He’s a great character because he sums up what we all love in dogs:  how they love life, and how they love us.  My sincere advice to you is to rush to your nearest bookstore and put your paws on this enchanting, one-of-a-kind novel.”

The Colorado Canines give Dog on It six paws up!

Jodene gives Dog on It five stars out of five!

Join us next month for another review of a book written especially for dogs and dog-lovers!


4 responses to “BOOK NOTES AND PAW VOTES by colarado canines and jodene



  2. Twinkle & Skye

    this series sounds awesome pawsome ~our mama is gonna look fur them. bol oxoxox

  3. Definitely going to look for these books. Hope they have them for the Nook.

  4. This was a great read! what could be more fun than a dog leading his PI human to the culprit!

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