By Millie LaRue


     Those of you who know me, know how much I ADORE dressing in the latest fashion…but it isn’t just dressing up that interests me.  I am well aware that there are many, many doggies who are not as fortunate as little me, and when the opportunity arises for me to participate in a fundraiser to help these doggies…Mummy and I are more than happy to help.  One such opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago in Nashville, Tennessee.

One of the fashion designers that I model for, asked my Mummy and I if I would be interested in attending The Glitter and Glam Auction Event being presented by the Agape Animal Rescue Organization” in Nashville on July 17th at the Loews Hotel.  The entertainment would consist of several doggies strutting their stuff down a runway in glamorous doggie gowns by designer Linda Higgins!!!  WOWZA!  There would be a live and silent auction with tons and tons of items being auctioned…doggie items and people items as well….and then a WONDERFUL GOLD SEQUIN DOGGIE GOWN auctioned live from the runway!!!  All proceeds from the auctions went to benefit the “Agape Animal Rescue Organization.”  None of the doggies were paid anything to participate…we all donated our time to this wonderful benefit.

The “Agape Animal Rescue” is an organization that dedicates themselves to finding forever homes for abandoned and displaced doggies…while they also attempt to educate the public to be more responsible pet owners.  Before placing the doggies, they help them emotionally, socially and physically to transition into their forever homes and they are very careful to try and match each doggie with the best family possible!!!  WHAT A WONDERFUL ORGANIZATION!!!!!

The night was a HUGE success and tons of fun for all of the doggies as well as the dog owners.  Many of the dogs we had met on Facebook, so it was so great to finally get to attach an actual human FACE to the doggie…and then to meet the dog in person!  My Daddy went with us and imagine my surprise when someone came backstage where I was waiting for my turn to walk the runway in my beautiful gowns, and was informed that he had just won the auction for the beautiful GOLD SEQUIN DRESS!!!  OMD!!!!!  We didn’t even know that he was BIDDING ON THE DRESS!!!  So the night ended for me on a glorious note and “The Agape Animal Rescue” received much needed funds in order to continue their community services.


4 responses to “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER By Millie LaRue

  1. What a wonderful cause and you are a sweetheart for donating your time with this! Your Daddy is a Sweetheart, too…you look ravishing in your new gold gown!

  2. Wow sounds like you had a fun time. That was very nice of your daddy to bid on that dress for you and the rescue pups. You look beautiful!


  4. OOO Millie this was a night to remember for sure! You are always thinking of Doggies in need. and this was no exception!

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