rock smileys by lisa4eyes

one of our new members lisa4eyes she does rock smileys, we think they are awesome and lisa has kindly allowed us to use them for the magazine, and if she doesn’t mind we might show you some different ones each month

A few friends of mine came up with the idea of turning plain rocks into rock smileys, and leaving them in public places for others to see (or pick up and keep for themselves), and to hopefully brighten someone’s day.  Sort of like a pay it forward like thing.

I live in Los Angeles, so I like to leave my rock smiles by the more trendy touristy things.

Such as Kermit The Frog’s star on Hollywood Boulevard.

And Toto (from the Wizard Of Oz) memorial at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Whether you’re looking for a little craft project to do with your kids, or wanting to get a little creative yourself I suggest you do a few.  Even just using a Sharpie marker to put a smiley face on a rock will work.  It can be very therapeutic, and knowing that you will make at least one person smile is a great feeling.

And if you do do some, please take pictures, and share them as you might inspire others to pay it forward too.

we like this one


6 responses to “rock smileys by lisa4eyes

  1. They are pawsome and we love seeing them!!!

  2. OOO we like them!! and we Love the places you leave them!!!!

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. — I really have a lot of fun with these, and I hope others get inspired to do some… ツ

  4. we like it..we might do the same in our forest…..any copyright required??? 🙂



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