I see a dog by doglover88

I see a dog,

must be a stray his hiding in the fog

I try to go over and comfort him

but he wanders off into the fog deeper.

I didn’t dare follow,that fog was hollow

I could get trapped inside. I think he was trying to hide.

The next day the fog was gone

and what do I see, its the dog.

He wags his tail this fine handsome male

I look at his collar.

Mr.Khan pack leader it said

At the back it was DOGPAWFILE.

He softly treads into the tress and looks at me.

He wants me to follow

Hi there he said.

You are Darcy right?

We have been waiting for you.

I stepped inside right behind Mr.Khan.

Loads of dogs were there looking at me with a loving stare.

They gave me a collar Darcy it said

and at the back DOGPAWFILE.


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