Ode to Dogpawfile by val an willie

val wrote this brilliant ode to dogpawfile,  you have to read it is is brilliant
Ode to DogpawfileHow do I love thee;
Let’s see the many ways
The art of the pawfile
Is our fave
We must say
The words
The Pics
The creativity flows
Our pawrents must love us
Cause the words they do show
How we benefit their lives
An’ want others to know

The Photos are cute
Our nose prints on glass
A view to the world
Where our furends have a blast

Our forums Look pawsome
an evolving place fur sure
We’ll be filling with history
news, games, tips,info
more more and more

Videos so funny
Groups of all sorts
Events there are many
Need we say more

Our profile page,
we can set up our home
To bark with our furends
There are options galore

The Magazines delightful
Shadow and Bobbie ensure
Submissions are welcome
from all who would send

Dogpawfile is a place
where imaginations can sore
Comfort can be found
Friendships can form

But the very best things ’bout ‘pawfiles
Are the pups that we know
from long time to short time
and ones we just met
You lads and lassies
Make dogpawfile the best


2 responses to “Ode to Dogpawfile by val an willie

  1. cute cute CUTE!!! Bravo!

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