the doggy story by rebecca

The Doggy Story,
One day a dog was sitting in their garden decking the dogs name was Sparkle,Sparkle Was a Bichon Frise She lived with the Kelly family in the U.K
Sparkle was eating her lunch when her brother Spencer Came over “Move Sparkle” Said Spencer “Nope” Said Sparkle then sparkle’s twin called Suzy,Suzy said “Leave my twin alone brother Spencer” “yeah” said Sparkle
“Lets go & pay the shop keeper” Said The twins at the same time (Its a pretend game) off they went to play
The Kelly Family Sparkle,Suzy,Spencer
Enjoy more of their fun storys. 🙂
The Doggy Story Part 2
Sparkle Suzy & Spencer Were loving the winter sun in the snow then it began to rain “Oh No” Said the twins ” Whats wrong its just rain!!!” Spencer Said the twins said “But its cold” Suzy sneezed when Sparkle said it
Sparkle said to Suzy & Spencer “I am going inside” Suzy & Spencer said nothing But Suzy did follow her & Spencer was left outside “Come inside Spencer Hurry!” Said Suzy all Spencer did was sleep he fell asleep in the rain! The twins ran into the kitchen “Mummy Mummy” said Suzy “Yes Suzy” Said Mum “Spencer is not coming in” they said Mum barked for Spencer, Spencer came running in very fast barking “yes yes mum” he said “Stay here Spencer its far to cold to stay out there” Yeah Spencer ” Said Sparkle & Suzy mum said ” Now girls Spencer your staying in here ok end of its bed time anyway” “Awwww” They all said
The Kelly Family Sparkle,Suzy & Spencer
Enjoy more of there storys

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