Twinkle and Skyes Pet Friendly Gardening

Pet-Friendly Gardening

Twinkle and Skye are my children, yet the fact remains they are of a different species than I, hence there are “hidden” dangers. They are dogs; and it is this I take into consideration when furnishing our new yard. Bare of anything but weeds and a strip of grass at the beginning, I have a great opportunity to create a pet friendly yard for them to enjoy. Before buying any plant for our backyard I check a list of plants toxic to canines. It is a very long list and more plants are added as I research whether a certain plant is safe or not; at times I wonder what, if any, non-toxic choices remain. Last spring I had just begun my humble landscape efforts only to make my first mistake, Hydrangea Bushes. Hydrangeas are on the toxic list. Since Twinkle and Skye ignore the bush and are never left outside unattended I made a concession for the two bushes to remain. At least I know about it and am vigilant when they are exploring. Twinkle is the gardener, she is the child most need of supervision.
As you read this please keep in mind these are not FDA approved. From online research, I have concluded they are safe for Twinkle and Skye’s back yard. Personally I would not offer any of these plants to them, but if they taste them I would not panic. Always consult your vet BEFORE offering your dog any herb.

Lavender is great for a pet friendly yard. It is my favorite scent in the entire world besides pine so this is a boon. It is nontoxic and calming. A weak tea spritzed on your dog’s cuts, rashes, and abrasions can help soothe irritation and repel bugs, especially fleas. Sachets of dried lavender placed in the car, crate, or anywhere your dog experiences anxiety can have a calming, soothing effect. I’ve planted lavender in a circular garden, it is beginning to bloom again. Every time Skye and Twinkle rub against these plants the aroma and oils are reaped. Lavender is on my plant shopping list again, I don’t think I can have too many.
Lavender is an herb. So let’s go on and plant an herb garden both dogs and humans can enjoy.

Consider Calendula, also known as pot marigold. Its bright blooms of red, orange and yellow can be eaten in salads. Peppery and colourful all summer long they contain those famous antioxidants we all need.

Plant a few Fennel plants. Their pretty foliage, stalks and yellow blooms can all be used in cooking. The leaves and blooms when finely chopped can be steeped into a weak tea as a remedy for nausea and flatulence for dogs and people alike.
Peppermint is also agreeable with dogs and another good old fashioned remedy for tummy upsets. Not to mention how lovely it is to put a couple springs into a nice glass of iced tea.
Chamomile known for its calming powers is another pretty yet safe herb for dogs and people too. Dry the pretty daisyish flowers to make a tea.
We have planted a lovely herb garden. One our dogs and we can safely enjoy.


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    Great information-

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