cast your votes here,
this poll is just for fun really, if you like the idea of a poll then it is always an option for contests, this poll is just to get your thoughts


14 responses to “poll

  1. It doesn’t really matter to us. But on FB it seems polls are easier. So maybe that is the way to go.

  2. i was just thinking of another option for voting, keep the original concept of voting using judges and also use a poll sometimes 🙂

  3. BOL I like the idea of mixing it up!

  4. we appreciate your feedback, if the majority is yes or don’t mind, then there could be two voting options

  5. I like to mix it up… poll one time, judges another 🙂 Polls can end up being popularity contests rather than merit, but then again, if people vote for what they really like (not WHO they really like!) it can be a much fairer way to determine a winner than just the subjective choice of two or three judges. Like I say… both can work… how bout some contests judged one way, some the other?
    [Couldn’t tell what my yes or no vote would be saying. It can’t say do you want A or B and then give only the option of a yes or no answer, BOL! (Example: “Do you want ice cream, or cake? Yes or no!!”) The only way to interpret a yes or no answer to that question is “Yes I want ice cream or cake” or “No, I don’t want ice cream or cake!” If you want to know which is preferred and the only option for answering is yes or no, you gotta ask both questions separately, i.e. “Want ice cream, yes or no?” … “Want cake, yes or no?” OR you can give the option of putting a check mark next to ice cream or a check mark next to cake, BOL!]

  6. at the moment the results are going in the right direction, both options can work for sure, i was just running the idea past you guys first, it is good to mix it up, on a this is why i thought of another voting option, if a contest was thought of which not much time to prepare a poll may be better to judge it but with more time have judges, plus it depends on the contest, having a poll is the same has having pals pee mail who they want to vote for it is exactly the same but the poll does the maths hehe

  7. i think this is a good idea xxxxx

  8. Hmmm…..it depends upon the contest. Certain contests would be easier with judges, others would be better with a poll. It doesn’t matter to us.

  9. thanks for your feedback, you are right it does depend on the contest, this is the reason for the poll, as long as there is no problem with using a poll now and again, contests will still be judged with judges as they have been in the past, but sometimes a poll could be used

  10. I’d say BOTH!

  11. awesome, the poll is moving in the right direction

  12. I like both options but each needs to be used appropriately based on the contest

  13. this is the reason for the poll, i wanted thoughts on this, and the poll is moving in the right direction 🙂

  14. I agree both is good depending on the contest, must say love the new poll!

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