Dream Time with Cayce

There were many wondeful dreams submitted. We decided to pick one out of a hat so as not to show any favoritism, and we drew Tyler’s. Here is his momma’s dream , followed by my impressions…]

Mommy is going to submit her reoccurring dream even though it was from when she was younger (in her 20’s)

The dream involves Dancing Bear from the show Captain Kangaroo chasing her. She feels this is strange because that show had been off the air for years when this dream started.

Anyway, Dancing Bear is chasing her through a city. Into alleys, through buildings, around cars. At one point she gets into a car to escape him but he opens the other door and starts to get in. She gets out of the car and they continue running through the city. He never catches her and she finally just wakes up. Even though Dancing Bear is not a scary character, she wakes up afraid.

She has looked up what dreaming about being chased means, but is baffled why a friendly character from the Captain Kangaroo show would be chasing her and why she would be afraid of him.

Even if you don’t choose this dream to write about, I’m looking forward to reading your column in the magazine.
Love Tyler and Mommy
Hi Tyler’s momma! Thank your for submitting your dream! It is a perfect example of a symbolic content dream.

When you begin to try and interpret the message of a symbolic dream, you must first realize that the dream is an answer to a question, posed consciously or unconsciously, about some situation in your life at the time. [In the case of a recurring dream, it is a recurring situation.] So the starting-off point is to examine what was going on in your life at the times this dream would come to you.

Next, you want to break down and translate the symbols. To do that you ask yourself “What does this mean represent/mean to me?” In the case of Dancing Bear… an obviously innocuous, non-threatening charicature!… you never-the-less feel menaced by the fact that it is persistently following/chasing you. The place to focus your energy in breaking this down is to look at the situation in your life at the times the dream reoccurred… find he common thread in those times… and then examine what you felt “threatened” by which, to the casual observer, would not appear threatening. SOMETHING was bugging you at those times, and whatever it was bothered you enough to find its way into your dream consciousness and present in the form of a recurring dream. [The “message” must be applied to your circumstances at the time to be fully understood… see what I mean?]

Let me give you an example. Momma had a recurring dream that presented over and over at various times in her life. In the dream it was the first day of the school year at high school or college (sometimes one…sometimes the other… but bothy symbolize institutes of “higher learning” in dream language!) and mom would find herself on campus without a class schedule!

She would have no idea of what classes to go to when, or what class room they were being held in! At different times, the dream resolved IN different ways. Sometimes she would stumble quite by accident onto some of her classes, missing others, in a sort of haphazard fashion. Other times she would go to the office, tell the clerk she had misplaced her schedule and get a new copy so she could attend her classes in a timely manner. Another time she ended up TEACHING a class that an instructor asked her to teach about whales, feeling intimidated and not at all prepared (or well-enough “informed”) to do so, only to find once she began speaking, the knowledge was indeed within her! Still ANOTHER time she abandoned the whole idea in favor of attending an art fair off campus…….!!!

The common factor in her life each time this dream occurred was a sense of being “lost” and not knowing what direction she was meant to be moving in or what her “learning” (or focus) was supposed to be at that time in her life, feeling unsure of her path. When she would have a strong sense of being guided inwardly by the still, small voice of spirit, the dream never made an appearance, and she is happy to say she has not had a recurrence in many, many years 🙂

Recurring dreams address a recurring theme is one’s life. Your dream indicates something the ordinary person (and you as well!) would consider non-threatening was somehow advancing something YOU perceived as a threat, following/chasing you relentlessly. A deeper look at the attributes of the Dancing Bear might offer more specific clues as to what or who it represented… possibly even an aspect of yourself, since one level of dream interpretation recognizes all aspects of the dream characters and content to represent an aspect (often unconscious!) of yourself.

A client of mom’s had a recurring dream that Pollyanna was strangling and choking her! When mom helped her break it down, the friend realized Pollyanna represented the “good girl” (i.e., the aspect of herself that always did the right thing and what was expected of her), and it was smothering the more impetuous and untamed aspects of her nature struggling to get out and find healthy expression in the light of day!

I hope that gives you some food for thought and helps you come to a clearer understanding of what your recurring dream was saying!

That’s all for this time, pups!

Ask for the guidance you require and desire before drifting off each night, and then wait to see what your super-conscious lays out for you!

And be sure and submit (one dream per member, please!) any dream you’d like me to interpret in next month’s column.

Until then I bid you sweet dreams!!



4 responses to “Dream Time with Cayce

  1. Cayce, you are just so clever! 😀

  2. Thank you Cassie! Momma has helped people work with there dreams for over 30 years and she taught me all she knows! :)))

  3. It took me some time to remember what was going on in my life at the time this dream was occurring. It was many years ago and even though I still remember the dream rather vividly, I do not remember too many of the events during that time as vividly. I will say that I was very young (early 20’s) and it seemed as though I was intent on making as many life mistakes as I could. I am not the same person and no one from that period is still in my life. Apparently, whatever or whoever Dancing Bear was representing is gone.
    Thank you Cayce for choosing my dream.

  4. Then the dream accomplished its purpose…. good deal ! Once the higher self gets its message through to you, the dream need not recur 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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