Dreamtime with Cayce

his is the dream I selected to interpret for this month’s column.  It’s an excellent example of a symbolic dream 🙂
I am in love with a boy called Mark at school. He is super nice..(Opens doors, gets into conversations and funny) I really can’t help but be in love..I had a dream that I fell he picked me up and held my hand and crossed the road with me. Then I tried to shove him off my hand. What’s this dream telling me?
This symbolism in this dream is pretty straight-forward and indicates you had an affection for this boy and that he helped you through something, but you are not really ready to commit to a long term relationship with him.
The dream action where you fall indicates injury of some kind… perhaps physical, but more likely emotional, as in “taking a fall”… perhaps a fall from grace?… a fall in status?… even just feeling “low”!  In your dream, this boy picks you up… which would symbolically be saying he gives your spirits a lift or makes you feel better about yourself.. and then helps you cross the road, which would indicate he helps you through a transitional event of some sort in your life.  When you try to shove his hand off, that’s an indication that you are not ready to maintain the relationship long term and/or you perhaps feel smothered by his attentiveness once the crisis has passed. 
Often times people come into our lives for a specific period of time to serve us in some fashion, and when that time passes, the relationship falters and they (or we, or both!) move on. 
Since you shared that this boy was being very kind to you in your “real” (i.e., waking) life and that you had a strong affinity for him, most likely the dream was warning that although he might be helpful in “lifting you up” and also in helping you from one side of the street to the other (from point A to point B in your life), it was not going to be long term or permanent relationship, but rather something positive that would serve you for a short period of time, after which you would move on.

5 responses to “Dreamtime with Cayce

  1. Thanks Cayce, well that was embarrasing! hehe Thanks Cayce, I love you lots. Thank-you for guiding me through the dream. Cassie. xoxox 🙂

  2. Don’t be embarrassed Cassie! It was a good dream and a clear message! Thank you for sharing with us… you an awesome pup!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!

  3. Interesting stuff, look forward to reading more in the future!

  4. Harry and Sadie

    Great dream Cassie enjoyed reading the thing! Love Harry! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Thanks all! The more depth in the dream, the more interesting the interpretation! 🙂 Remember, the things I share with you are my impressions as a dream professional. There can be other interpretations as well!

    Sweet Dreams!

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