The Lost Dog by Rebecca

The Lost Dog

One day a Great Dane called Barry was sitting out in the garden Mum & Olivia were setting out the pawty stuff & cake for Barry’s 4th Birthday. Lucy Barry’s annoying little sister said “Oh Barry your 4 today!” Barry just looked away and barked. “Olivia stop Barry from barking!!” Mum shouted. So Olivia did. Barry started saying to Lucy “Oh my pawty is awesome if you weren’t here” But Lucy just stuck her tongue out “All done Mum” said Olivia. “Yay my pals are here!” Barry Barked but when they all came Barry was lost Titan his friend was at the front looking for donuts. Barry went out of the garden to the gate he barked to get there attention but they didn’t hear. Barry didn’t want to be apart of HIS pawty!! But what would happen when the pupcake was out? They would need Barry. Barry met a stray the stray said “Well hello there Big Fella” “Ohh hi there. Oh my are you a stray?” Barry replied nervously the stray  replied “yes i am my name is Sophie and yours is?” Barry said “Very nice to meet you Sophie! My name is Barry” The stray replied confused “You ant no stray are you?” I’m not a stray i am someones pet!” Barry replied. Sophie was amazed “Why? But why would you Barry? Oh i a Great Dane as well but i don’t look like one am a bit small” Sophie said. Barry was surprised that she was a Great Dane ” Your fine for a Great Dane! The reason i left my home was its my birthday and i was having a pawty and i invited lots of pups. But i never knew that everypawday would crowd but they did. I was left at the back I barked to let them know i was leaving but no bark back.” Barry said to Sophie Sophie replied “That’s bad that they do that” Sophie said Barry said to Sophie “Yup well i need to carry on. Would you like to come?” Sophie barked yes. So they went Sophie showed Barry the stray-side of the city. Sophies friend called Sky-Blue  was the boss of the stray-side. “Here’s Sky-Blue shes our Stray-Boss here Sky-Blue this is Barry hes not a stray but can he stay?” Sophie said. Sky-Blue replied “Of course!”

To be continued…


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