Akita Style Lamb and Rice

Akita Style Lamb & Rice

Dog Food Recipe Ingredients:

1lb ground lamb (beef if you wish)
1-2 cups brown rice
2 stalks Broccoli
2 or 3 medium potatoes
3 medium carrots
1 sheet kombi, Sea Kelp (optional)

Dog Food Recipe Directions:

Brown lamb in a fry pan. Boil water, put about 4-5
cups into a crock pot, so it is already hot while you are fixing the rest of the
ingredients. Add cubed potatoes to the fry pan. Cut broccoli and add this to the
crock. Put the rest of the works in the pot, add enough hot water to cover. Add
pepper to taste. Throw in 1/2 cup brown rice and mix.
Dog Food Recipes
courtesy of I-Love-Dogs.com


2 responses to “Akita Style Lamb and Rice

  1. keeping lamb and rice…..brocolli,potatoes and carrots leaving to Eli:D….and will add some extra pepper for her!Mala♥

  2. Sounds good for pups and HOOMANS!!!!

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